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ENH: TODO updated

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commit 578c854892f6a5f0c0e8374d5838fd1ba63fae91 1 parent f6bae40 authored
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  1. +2 −2 TODO
@@ -15,13 +15,13 @@ OK rev 785 8. Toolbar at OS X and Linux order - Tati
OK rev.886 11. Insert WW e WL text on the top of the slice - Paulo
12. Insert slice number text - Paulo
Ok rev 909 13. Disable raycasting WW & WL if it is not shown - Tati
-14. Toolbar items affect 3D - Paulo
+OK 14. Toolbar items affect 3D - Paulo
OK rev.889 15. Surface after threshold and edition "undo" - Paulo
16. Slice cursor actor is hiding - Pensar
17. Zoom by selection when right iiii clicked is wrong - Paulo
OK rev.892 18. Disable toggle of Windows' platebuttons on Windows - Paulo
19. Show "Annotation" icon on Linux - Thiago
-20. Sagittal, axial and coronal planes in 3D - Paulo
+OK 20. Sagittal, axial and coronal planes in 3D - Paulo
OK rev.899 21. Default window & level from DICOM - Paulo
22. When preset is changed, update WW and WL text on viewer volume - Thiago
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