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Sunshine allows you to manage suits of your automated tests directly from Java code. It supports TestNg, JUnit 4, and JUnit 5.

Please read the users documentation on

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assistant: Elegant Git

How to contribute?

If you have any questions or want more functionality, please submit a new issue.

Before sending any pull request, please discuss requirements/changes to be implemented using an existing issue or by creating a new one.

Development notes

If you will install and use Git via CLI, all required workflows will be executed automatically. Otherwise, you can do it manually by running ./workflows script.

Code formatting

We use to format the code. Please run ./gradlew spotlessApply to call the formatting manually.

Code assessment

Run ./gradlew (or gradlew.bat). It will execute unit, integration tests, and formatting verifications.

Docs review

Automatic analysis of documentation changes in not configured. That's why manual validation is required.

The following snippet allows generation of HTML version of the documentation

cd docs
rm -r _build && make html
open _build/html/index.html

Please take into account, you need to install required Python's dependencies with pip install -r docs/requirements.txt before.