Heroes Share Live client (Windows)
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Heroes Share Live client (Windows)

Heroes Share Live lets players view live game information and MMR previews for their games, or for anyone that uses the Heroes Share Live client.

How it works

Users need to install the Heroes Share Live client on their computer. The client watches for new games in progress and parses the replay file stubs to load game details. This happens in two stages:

BattleLobby: available at loading screen (after draft); includes players in the upcoming match, which can be used to fetch MMR Rejoin: available about one minute into the game; includes map, gamemode, heroes, and more extensive game details Once the files have been processed and uploaded anyone can visit the live games list to see game details, or use the latest game tracker to keep open match previews as new games load.

What goes on your computer

The client is very "thin" as most of the processing happens on our website. The code is all open source and can be reviewed on GitHub (macOS, Windows). Below is a summary of what each file does.



Blizzard's EULA states:

Data Mining: Use any unauthorized process or software that intercepts, collects, reads, or “mines” information generated or stored by the Platform; provided, however, that Blizzard may, at its sole and absolute discretion, allow the use of certain third-party user interfaces. Blizzard has stated they are conditionally okay with this method of gathering in-game information, but you are ultimately responsible for what you install and use. Heroes Share is not responsible for account violations related to inappropriate use of non-Blizzard software.

Contact: By using this client during the beta test you agree to be contacted about product updates via the email associated with your account.


Using the Heroes Share Live client includes sharing up-to-date information about you and the other people in your game. We take privacy very seriously (see our Privacy Page) and information gathered from the live client is handled with the same sensitivity and security as the rest of this site. By using the client, as well as this site, you agree to our privacy policy. Read the policy