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Our Daily Bard

Give us this day our daily bard. Shakespeare plays serialized into RSS content.

Some scripts to create daily RSS feed from the content on

This code is designed to run on bare-bones Unix system needing very minimal dependencies:

  • Curl (only to download the corpus)
  • Python 2.x to generate the data
  • Any webserver (e.g. Apache) that can run CGI scripts.

How to use

Copy the repository to somewhere on your server,

  • cd scripts
  • Run ./ to pull down a version of OSS using curl and place in oss/
  • Run ./ to read the OSS database and write out sections for each work into sections/
  • Use ./ <dest directory> to stamp the CGI files and copy them into web-accessible areas. These CGI scripts read the data written into sections/, plus the template text in templates.

The section data can remain in an area not publicly visible (depending on what setup your webserver supports.)

You can see this code in action at