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Releases: tattlemuss/hatari


28 Aug 11:30
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v0.008e (Feb 2024)

  • Graphics Inspector

    • Added overlay for 16-pixel grid, register address positions, and a "zoom"
      overlay. These are available from the right-click/context menu.
    • Allow width up to 80 chunks to support 1280 mode. This enables previewing of
      the 1280x200 video mode created by running the Shifter in mono with the GLUE
      in colour. (request from Troed/SYNC)
    • Added Ctrl+Space shortcut for context menu.
    • Show memory address(es) of pixel under mouse pointer (suggestion by ggn/KÜA)
      This address can also be sent to other windows (e.g. Memory) with the
      right-click/context menu.
  • Memory Window

    • Added search feature on Ctrl+F. Search supports hex or text, with case
    • Added selection of row widths of 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 bytes, or auto-sizing
      based on the visible window width.
    • Window label shows the address of the active editing cursor.
      (request from zChris)
    • Fix tooltip crash bug when viewing the first byte in the window if window
      address is set to an odd value.
    • Added Ctrl+Space shortcut for context menu.
    • Large internal rewrite for stability.
  • Launch Dialog

    • Added "Fast Launch" to run Hatari with --fast-forward until selected .prg
      is about to start, when it reverts to normal speed.
    • Added "Program Breakpoint" breakpoint option, to set a breakpoint automatically
      at a program label or other condition, for focussed automatic debugging.
  • Disassembly Window

    • Supported decoding of 68020 and 68030 instructions (except for floating-
      point co-processor instructions).
    • Added search feature on Ctrl+F. Search supports hex or text, with case
    • Added Ctrl+Space shortcut for context menu.
    • Fixed 68000 disassembly of operands of mode "Address Register Indirect with
      Index" where the index register is A0-A7. Reported by Martin Sedlak.
  • Register Window

    • Added display of 68020 and 68030 register values when appropriate, including
      flag breakdown of the Cache Control Register.
  • Breakpoints Window

    • Fixed "Trace" flag when creating breakpoints.
    • Removed unnecessary columns from display.
  • Console Window

    • Fixed bug on Windows where Hatari's output would not update properly.
  • General

    • Base Hatari build version is still 2.4.1 release.
    • New shortcut Ctrl+Shift+U to cycle the "Run Until..." mode.
    • Add application window icon.
    • Docked and tabbed windows now appear correctly when using Alt+ shortcuts to
      switch to them.
    • Add shortcuts for nearly all windows: Alt+P for Profile Window, Alt+C for
      Console Window, Alt+2/3/4 for Memory Windows 2/3/4.
    • Symbol system now supports comments for each label. Comments are added for the
      internal hardware register addresses, low-memory vectors and TOS variables.


11 Aug 13:28
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v0.007 (August 2022)

For help and instructions see this page
Please don't contact the original Hatari developers with bugs about these downloads

  • Profile Window

    • New view to display elapsed instructions and cycles. Can group by symbols or
      blocks of 64/256/1024/4096 bytes.
  • Disassembly Window

    • Added view of used instructions/cycles when profiling is enabled.
    • Added "Set PC to here" right-click menu option.
    • Fixed decoding of EXG operands.
    • Fixed decoding of xx(pc) effective addresses in MOVEM instructions.
    • Added support for optional display of relative offsets as hexadecimal.
      Thanks to tIn/Newline for providing this patch!
    • Tweaked mousewheel scrolling after suggestions from Rati/OVR
  • Hardware Window

    • Added display of palette colours.
    • Fixed bug in display of Endmasks in the Blitter section.
  • Graphics Inspector

    • Add "3 Bitplane" mode. Requested by WizTom/Aggression.
    • Support using a user-defined memory address as the palette used for display.
      Requested by WizTom/Aggression.
    • Support live-update while CPU is running
    • Fixed several bugs in the X/Y tooltip mouseover when using Square Pixels mode.
      Reported by WizTom/Aggression.
  • Memory View

    • Mouse wheel now moves a fixed proportion of the visible window, rather than the whole size.
  • Launch Dialog

    • Added both upper and lower-cased filename extensions to selection dialog.
  • General

    • Update Hatari codebase to version 2.4.1.
    • Add Launch/Quicklaunch/Reset/Fast-Forward toolbar and features.
    • Support (low frequency) Live update of Graphics Inspector and Register windows.
      Requested by Keith Clark.
    • Many more tooltips and keypress indicators on UI buttons.
    • Added the "-q/--quicklaunch" command line option to auto-start Hatari with the
      previously-saved Launch options.

hrdb v0.006

27 Feb 18:47
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v0.006 (February 2022)

Special thanks to Troed Sångberg (Troed/SYNC) for creating proper Mac releases for hrdb!

  • Hardware Window

    • Rewrite view to support Macs better
    • Show exception, interrupt, MFP vectors
    • Show some DMA sound registers
    • All addresses support right-click menus to e.g. open disassembly views at interrupt addresses
    • Add "copy to clipboard" button (for easier offline state comparison)
    • Add tooltips for most row types
  • Memory Window

    • smarter handling of "S" (step) key when editing memory
  • Main Window

    • Add "Shift+S" to skip over the current instruction without executing it
      (request from Troed/SYNC)
  • Diassembly Window

    • Add "Set PC to here" right-click menu action
      (request from Troed/SYNC)
  • Run Dialog

    • Support capitalized file extensions for executable (e.g. ".PRG" files as well as ".prg")
  • Hatari (target runtime)

    • Fix display of many fields in Hardware view by making Hatari sync hardware register address data after stopping
      (e.g. Blitter register, video display counter)


31 Dec 11:24
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hrdb-v0.005 Pre-release

v0.005 (December 2021)

  • Disassembly view

    • Fix color settings with Mac Dark Theme. (reported by RATI/OVR)
    • New design for row highlighting. Suggested by RATI/OVR.
      • PC row is main highlight colours (usually white-on-blue for light themes)
      • Active Cursor row uses dashed lines
      • Mouseover row is a different background colour (palette "midlight" value)
    • Window limits movement of the address when Follow PC is active.
      • Code tries to keep the window static until PC moves out of visible range,
        this allows you to see the code around the PC in a more stable fashion.
  • Memory Window

    • Fixed bug when Lock button is changed. If Lock was applied, window wouldn't re-fetch memory data because of a typo.
      (reported by RATI/OVR)
    • Fixed another bug with locked expressions.
      View was requesting memory for the window before register values arrived,
      so was always behind by a step.
  • Graphics Inspector

    • Add "Save Image" right-click context menu item for easier sprite/gfx ripping.
      Image is saved as a palettised BMP or PNG using Qt's image libraries.
      (requested by Shazz/TRSI)
  • General

    • New feature: support e.g. "D0.W" for sign-extended data registers when evaluating expressions.
  • Hatari (Target runtime)

    • Fix crash bug in RemoteDebug.c's DebugOutput redirection handling.

hrdb v0.004

30 Oct 10:49
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v0.004 (November 2021)

  • Hardware Window
    • Shows states of MMU, MFP, YM and Blitter in a readable form.
    • Still contains some bugs and missing register data.
  • Disassembly view
    • Fix potential crash caused by branching arrows display

hrdb v0.003

06 Sep 13:15
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Slightly outdated instructions for use are at

v0.003 (September 2021)

  • Disassembly Window

    • Added lines between branch instruction and targets
    • Added mousewheel pageup/pagedown.
  • Memory Window

    • Added mousewheel pageup/pagedown.
  • General

    • Fixed: Focus for Step/Next/Until works when window is undocked.

v0.002 (September 2021)

  • Memory View

    • Edit ASCII in Memory View.
    • Added tooltips for values, similar to Register view.
    • Added context menus to open the longword address under the mouse.
    • Symbol regions are now coloured for easier separation.
    • Fixed: crash from typing on the view when not connected.
    • Fixed: clicking on top row of characters didn't choose the row
  • Disassembly Window

    • Ctrl+B works when 2 Disassembly windows are visible.
  • Registers View

    • Fixed: listed ISP and USP are stale when CPU stops.
  • Console View

    • Added output area to Console View so you can see the results of commands.
  • General

    • Fixed: (N)ext would still step into instructions when holding down key-repeat (reported by
      Thomas van Noorden)
    • Alt+L now brings up the (L)aunch Hatari dialog, which was previously "Run Hatari"
    • Context menu "Show Address" options now include opening the Graphics Inspector

hrdb: Early prototype release

21 Aug 12:07
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Windows fix: convert QFileDialog results to native separator to pass …

…to Hatari.

(It seems that Hatari doesn't like non-native separators for arguments)