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v0.006 (February 2022)

Special thanks to Troed Sångberg (Troed/SYNC) for creating proper Mac releases for hrdb!

  • Hardware Window

    • Rewrite view to support Macs better
    • Show exception, interrupt, MFP vectors
    • Show some DMA sound registers
    • All addresses support right-click menus to e.g. open disassembly views at interrupt addresses
    • Add "copy to clipboard" button (for easier offline state comparison)
    • Add tooltips for most row types
  • Memory Window

    • smarter handling of "S" (step) key when editing memory
  • Main Window

    • Add "Shift+S" to skip over the current instruction without executing it
      (request from Troed/SYNC)
  • Diassembly Window

    • Add "Set PC to here" right-click menu action
      (request from Troed/SYNC)
  • Run Dialog

    • Support capitalized file extensions for executable (e.g. ".PRG" files as well as ".prg")
  • Hatari (target runtime)

    • Fix display of many fields in Hardware view by making Hatari sync hardware register address data after stopping
      (e.g. Blitter register, video display counter)
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v0.005 (December 2021)

  • Disassembly view

    • Fix color settings with Mac Dark Theme. (reported by RATI/OVR)
    • New design for row highlighting. Suggested by RATI/OVR.
      • PC row is main highlight colours (usually white-on-blue for light themes)
      • Active Cursor row uses dashed lines
      • Mouseover row is a different background colour (palette "midlight" value)
    • Window limits movement of the address when Follow PC is active.
      • Code tries to keep the window static until PC moves out of visible range,
        this allows you to see the code around the PC in a more stable fashion.
  • Memory Window

    • Fixed bug when Lock button is changed. If Lock was applied, window wouldn't re-fetch memory data because of a typo.
      (reported by RATI/OVR)
    • Fixed another bug with locked expressions.
      View was requesting memory for the window before register values arrived,
      so was always behind by a step.
  • Graphics Inspector

    • Add "Save Image" right-click context menu item for easier sprite/gfx ripping.
      Image is saved as a palettised BMP or PNG using Qt's image libraries.
      (requested by Shazz/TRSI)
  • General

    • New feature: support e.g. "D0.W" for sign-extended data registers when evaluating expressions.
  • Hatari (Target runtime)

    • Fix crash bug in RemoteDebug.c's DebugOutput redirection handling.
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v0.004 (November 2021)

  • Hardware Window
    • Shows states of MMU, MFP, YM and Blitter in a readable form.
    • Still contains some bugs and missing register data.
  • Disassembly view
    • Fix potential crash caused by branching arrows display
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Slightly outdated instructions for use are at

v0.003 (September 2021)

  • Disassembly Window

    • Added lines between branch instruction and targets
    • Added mousewheel pageup/pagedown.
  • Memory Window

    • Added mousewheel pageup/pagedown.
  • General

    • Fixed: Focus for Step/Next/Until works when window is undocked.

v0.002 (September 2021)

  • Memory View

    • Edit ASCII in Memory View.
    • Added tooltips for values, similar to Register view.
    • Added context menus to open the longword address under the mouse.
    • Symbol regions are now coloured for easier separation.
    • Fixed: crash from typing on the view when not connected.
    • Fixed: clicking on top row of characters didn't choose the row
  • Disassembly Window

    • Ctrl+B works when 2 Disassembly windows are visible.
  • Registers View

    • Fixed: listed ISP and USP are stale when CPU stops.
  • Console View

    • Added output area to Console View so you can see the results of commands.
  • General

    • Fixed: (N)ext would still step into instructions when holding down key-repeat (reported by
      Thomas van Noorden)
    • Alt+L now brings up the (L)aunch Hatari dialog, which was previously "Run Hatari"
    • Context menu "Show Address" options now include opening the Graphics Inspector
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Windows fix: convert QFileDialog results to native separator to pass …

…to Hatari.

(It seems that Hatari doesn't like non-native separators for arguments)