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Tatum Middleware

Tatum Middleware is a proxy client to Tatum API.

Tatum Middleware is deprecated. Please use client libraries like (Tatum JS)[] with combination of (Tatum KMS)[].

Where to start

In order to start work with Tatum API, please contact us at in order to obtain access API key.

Install docker image

Tatum Middleware docker image is available in Docker HUB under tatumio/tatum-middleware tag, see

Example command, how to pull Tatum Middleware image from Docker HUB

docker pull tatumio/tatum-middleware

Run docker image

Tatum Middleware Docker container must/can be run with following environment variables:

  • API_URL - URL of Tatum API that Tatum Middleware will communicate with.
  • MODE - Mode of Tatum API that Tatum Middleware will communicate with.
    For testnet installation, use TESTNET.
    For production installation, use MAINNET.
  • TATUM_API_KEY - API key to communicate with Tatum API.

Tatum Middleware Docker container exposes port `6543`, on which REST API server listens for incoming HTTP requests. In order to publish exposed port outside of the docker container, `-p` flag should be used with defined mapping.

Example script to start docker container

docker run -e API_URL= -e MODE=MAINNET -e TATUM_API_KEY=12345 -p 6543:6543/tcp tatumio/tatum-middleware


Tatum Middleware wraps Tatum API.
On top of it, it brings simple utility functions such as the creation of BIP44 compatible wallets, that are used within Tatum Core.
Also, it gives developers simple options to send Ethereum and Bitcoin payments via local REST API. Some of the helper methods send mnemonic or private keys via the HTTP protocol. It is highly recommended to run Tatum Middleware from private LAN with limited access from the outside world, since there are very sensitive data to be transferred, and there is a high risk of loss of funds.