Wish Tree (SB Cloud Hackathon - Fun Chrismas 2016)
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Wish Tree

It's Christmas. Let's bring Santa Claus to our home and make the kids' wishes come true!

Basic usage

  • Parents: setup contact information
  • Kid approaches the setup and make a wish (oral) for X'mas
  • The wish get sent to the parents, along with suggestions on what to buy to fulfill kid's wish

Technology applied

  • 3D hologram display technique: Pepper's Ghost (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepper%27s_ghost)
  • 3D game using Unity
  • Human motion detector using Arduino
  • Chatbot using Facebook API
  • Speech recognition & Synthesis
  • 3D design & fabrication with laser cutter
  • and more... (update later)

Dependencies and resources

Build instructions:

  • Clone/download source code
  • Open it in Unity 5.5 or higher
  • Go to File -> Build Settings...
  • Choose correct platform and architecture
  • Hit Build and Run
  • Select output path

Human Detection - Arduino

  • Sensor: 焦電型赤外線(人感)センサーモジュール SB412A (http://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/gM-09002/)
  • Upload human_detect.ino to Arduino UNO R3
  • Connect SB412A as mention in datasheet: From SB412A to Arduino:
    • Pin 1 to GND
    • Pin 2 to A0
    • Pin 3 to 5V

Backend WebApp

Future works

  • Show gifts for parents using AliExpress & Amazon using the respective affiliate APIs.
  • Make the hardware setup more lightweight and mass-producable.