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Aggregate Coverage Issues with Rcov 0.9.9 java and Jruby-1.6.x

It appears that, when running with an aggregate file using this version of rcov and jruby, the aggregate output is ignored when building the final coverage report.

I discovered this while trying to get code coverage reports on various BBC that I have been working on lately. It was also previously reported here.

I have created this example app to illustrate the problem. If you run rake rspec_first (63.6% coverage) and then look at coverage\index.html, you will see that it had not aggregated the run–instead it has only taken the cucumber results. The same is true if you run rake cucumber_first (100% coverage). Surely both runs should result in 100% coverage as that is the aggregate of the two tools.

One other minor issue: rcov is reporting the wrong version in it's html output.


Output when cucumber was run first:

cucumber first

Output when rspec was run first:

rspec first

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