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v8.1.2 Once Upon a Time

  • Introduced beforeRender option to mangle a view model before Taunus renders a server-side view

v8.0.6 Model

  • Fixed a long-standing bug where partials appended to other places would emit events using the wrong container

v8.0.6 Box

  • Introduced taunus.partial.afterOf method

v8.0.5 Flex

  • Introduced taunus.partial.beforeOf method

v8.0.0 Hot and Heavy

  • Upgraded hget to 2.0.0

v7.1.9 Wet and Dry

  • Added wet option that avoids history updates on redirects

v7.1.8 Acceptance

  • Upgraded accepts to 1.3.0

v7.1.6 Render Carnage

  • The client-side implementation now emits a render.error event whenever a view fails to render. It includes the following arguments: err, container, model, route

v7.1.5 Toothpick

  • Upgraded gradual to 1.0.7

v7.1.4 Idempotency

  • Fixed a bug where the prefetched wouldn't work
  • Changed taunus.xhr so that it can only make identical requests once every second

v7.1.2 Lipstick

  • Fixed a bug where deferral wouldn't work because the global alias was miscalculated

v7.1.1 Makeup

  • Fixed a bug in the prefetcher logic
  • Introduced the ability to filter DEBUG message types using DEBUG.filter('name|name|name')

v7.1.0 Garbage Truck

  • Added a taunus.track method that keeps track of things that should be destroyed when a view or partial view gets removed from the document

v7.0.0 Gradual

  • Now using crossvent for event handling
  • Incorporated gradual into Taunus core
  • It can be accessed as taunus.gradual
  • Option to disable gradual by setting forms: false in the options
  • Option to disable link hijacking by setting links: false in the options

For form submissions to be handled properly, make sure to honor the as-text query string, returning a plain text response even if the request asks for JSON

v6.1.8 Aural Emission

  • Replaced contra.emitter with contra@1.9.1/emitter

v6.1.6 Ancients

  • Fixed console.log patch in taunus/browser/debug which would fail under IE9

v6.1.5 Omnibox

  • Replaced fast-url-parser with omnibox to broaden browser support

v6.1.3 Body Double

  • taunus.partial.replace changes the container to the first topmost element after replacement
  • partial(...).on('render', fn) changed so that fn now receives container in addition to html

v6.1.2 Pay Per View

  • taunus.partial.replace now gets rid of the target DOM element entirely, as originally intended

v6.1.1 Version Eagle

  • Exposed a versionCheck(version, url?) method on the client-side that will redirect to url (or refresh the page), if there's a version mismatch. Returns true if the check passes
  • Exposed a state object on the server-side containing the version that was used to mount Taunus

v6.0.1 Carbon Emissions

  • The router event is now properly emitted after a timeout

v6.0.0 ViewState of the Art

  • Partial view templates can now interact with the route model property just like master views
  • Added taunus.partial.appendTo, taunus.partial.beforeOf, and taunus.partial.replace methods to complement taunus.partial
  • Added dry option to taunus.go, which only updates the URL and relevant state components
  • Added a router(route) event whenever the history route changes through Taunus

v5.4.7 Literally

  • Added an optional as-text query parameter for Taunus view responses to return JSON responses as plain-text HTML

v5.4.6 Trailer Park

  • taunus.resolve no longer returns routes with trailing slashes if they have a missing optional parameter

v5.4.4 Lopsided Landslide

  • All deferred templates and controllers are stored in memory, sorted by version

v5.4.3 Two Bedroom Apartment

  • Fixed an issue where versioning mismatches wouldn't refresh the page

v5.4.2 Likable Links

  • Taunus now ignores anchor tags with a download attribute
  • Taunus now ignores anchor tags with target='_blank'
  • Taunus now ignores anchor tags with a data-taunus-ignore attribute

v5.3.4 Sans Lyrics

  • Introduced ability to call taunus.xhr with (options, done) in addition to (url, done) and (url, options, done)

v5.3.2 Gas Leak

  • Added ability for redirects to be forced even if redirecting to the same URL

v5.3.1 Gas Leak

  • Fixed a bug where views wouldn't emit an event asynchronously if the view could be rendered immediately

v5.3.0 Shale Gas

  • Introduced a view-level event emitter. You can now do taunus.partial(div, 'tags', ['a', 'b']).on('render', fn) and fn will be eventually invoked when the partial is rendered. Useful for situations where a partial view may be rendered asynchronously because it was deferred.

v5.2.0 Medal of Honor

  • Exposed taunus.redirect method on the client-side

v5.1.1 Casual Tuesday

  • taunus.xhr now allows you to issue requests with content other than JSON (e.g multipart/form-data) and still get a JSON response back

v5.1.0 Twisted Transistor

  • taunus.redirect now takes an options object, where you can set a hard option. If it's set to true, AJAX redirects will be followed using location.href = url rather than taunus.navigate(url)

v5.0.0 Package Router

  • Exposed route information directly on view models, for convenience.
    • Most useful for accessing route.query parameters
    • Has toJSON no-op so that it doesn't bloat the model itself after use on templates
  • Removed parts from the result
  • Introduced hash as a string containing the #hash part of a URL (equivalent of parts.hash, except it's '' if empty)
  • Introduced path (equivalent of parts.path)
  • Introduced pathname (equivalent of parts.pathname)
  • Introduced search (equivalent of
  • Introduced query as an equivalent of parts.query. Parsed according to input values:
    • '' and 'true' are converted to true
    • 'false' is converted to false
    • '123', '-123', and '+123' are all converted to base-10 integers
    • Anything else stays a string
.route.equals(a?, b?)
  • Faster and simpler, now compares on route.path (ignoring hashes as usual)

v4.1.8 Deferred Globalization

  • require('taunus') is automatically transformed into require('taunus/global') in deferred modules

v4.1.7 Intense Database Bickering

  • Fixed an issue in the underlying IndexedDB caching layer where it would throw on WebKit-based devices (Safari, Chrome for iOS, etc)

v4.1.6 Hashcow

  • Hash navigation no longer triggers a Taunus activation. Navigating from /foo to /foo#bar has no effect, while navigating from /foo#bar to /baz#bar still triggers an activation

v4.1.5 Clown Clone

  • The taunus API that's available in view templates will no longer leave a trace in the view model
  • Partial templates can no longer modify the view model, and they have access to a cloned copy instead

v4.1.3 Set Sail

  • If loading a server-side controller results in an error other than 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND', the error is now thrown

v4.1.1 Imperverance

  • Exposed version property on client-side API
  • Fixed an issue where routes with the same path but different query part would be considered identical

v4.1.0 Transaction Reversal

  • Removed startIndex parameter to Router API introduced in 4.0.0

v4.0.0 Roomba Loompa

  • Navigating to the same route over and over no longer pushes new history states, uses replaceState instead
  • Added startIndex parameter to Router API
  • Taunus notices redirects and renders the appropriate view
  • Introduced taunus.redirect API on the server-side

v3.3.1 ER

  • Fixes a bug caused by v3.3.0

v3.3.0 Hack Journalism

  • Internal taunus.render method (consumed by taunus-express and taunus-hapi) changed signature. Upgrade to taunus-express@1.2.0 or taunus-hapi@1.4.0.

v3.2.5 Ruta 3

  • Fix a bug on the client-side where you couldn't have multiple routes with the same route pattern
  • Internal: Replaced routes with ruta3 for flexibility and convenience

v3.2.4 Test Run

  • Fix failing test in taunus.resolve where optional parameters would be enforced

v3.2.3 Major Resolve

  • Fixed an issue where taunus.resolve would replace named regular expression parameters such as :hash(d+) and keep the regular expression part, resulting in /hashes/5499cf5f(d+) instead of /hashes/5499cf5f

v3.2.1 Optional Options

  • Fixed an issue where taunus.resolve would replace falsy values with empty strings

v3.2.0 Routing Solution

  • Introduced taunus.resolve(action, data) method to resolve routes without manually constructing them, on both client-side and server-side

v3.1.4 Action Figure

  • Layout gets access to rendered action (partials can always use JavaScript!)

v3.1.3 Spring Cleaning

  • Removed uglifyify dependency
  • Removed duplicate uglify-js dependency

v3.1.2 Bumper Sticker

  • Bumped hget to 1.1.0

v3.1.0 Prefetch Party

  • Public taunus.prefetch(url, element) API exposed

v3.0.2 Mirror Entity

  • ETag is now computed out of the HTML (or text) and not just the model in non-JSON responses

v3.0.1 Contractual Terms

  • Added dependency on contra

v3.0.0 Deferred Execution

  • Taunus exposes itself as a global to simplify script deferral
  • Introduced taunus/browser/debug and taunus/global alternative entry points
  • Introduced deferred loading for view templates and view controllers
  • Added --defer flag to the CLI
  • Added deferMinified option to taunus.mount to minify deferred bundles
  • Changed taunus.route(), now exposes query string as an object in
  • Created 'change' event, emitted whenever a view navigation occurs
  • Created taunus.state.clear() method to clear the cache
  • Renamed --standalone to --bundle in the CLI
  • Created getPartial option for taunus.mount on the server-side

v2.10.4 Version Tracker

  • Fixed an issue where Taunus version-tracking was updating the wrong file

v2.10.3 Cache Buster

  • Reduced maximum interceptor latency to 50ms, from previous 200ms maximum
  • Force directory creation when using the taunus CLI

v2.10.2 Event Planner

  • Improved consistency across event handler arguments

v2.10.1 Consistent Baker

  • Routes baked by the CLI are an array similar to the server-side routes created by the consumer, avoiding confusion

v2.9.3 Exposed Request

  • Exposed an .xhr(url, options?, done) method on the client-side Taunus API

v2.9.2 Hash Awareness

  • When navigating to a hashed route on a different view, the scroll position will be properly updated

v2.9.1 Version Awareness

  • Introduced versioning API, Taunus now has the ability to work through application version changes

v2.8.6 Window Breaker

  • Fixed an issue where the Taunus CLI would generate invalid CommonJS wiring modules

v2.8.4 Scroll Acrobat

  • Introduced scroll option for taunus.navigate, allowing the consumer to control whether scroll position should be modified
  • Use document.documentElement as the default scroll target

v2.8.0 Posted Bail

  • Created router.equals(route, route) method
  • Router now works even when passed partial routes such as '#foo' or '', using location.href as reference
  • taunus.navigate won't fetch the model for a route that has the same parameters as the last route
  • A force option on taunus.navigate can be used to request a model anyways
  • A strict option on taunus.navigate can be used to ignore unmatched URLs
  • taunus.state now exposes the current route alongside its model
  • Fixed a bug where the caching layer would never pull cached results for hashed routes

v2.7.2 Caching Miracles

  • The ETag is now calculated using the full viewModel, and not just the partial view model

v2.7.0 Treasure Cache

  • Routes now properly override caching on an individual basis
  • CLI flag --replacements renamed --resolvers for consistency
  • Shortened resolver names for simplicity and to mitigate confusion
    • getViewTemplatePath is now getView
    • getViewControllerPath is now getClientController
    • getControllerActionPath is now getServerController
  • On the client-side, throw if bootstrap is unsupported when taunus.mount is called
  • If taunus.navigate is called with an URL that doesn't match any route, then the user will be redirected via location.href
  • Added canPreventDefault property to interceptor event parameters

v2.6.0 Event Bar

  • Client-side controller signature changed to controller(model, container, route)

v2.5.0 Public Speaking

  • Renamed public hget option into plaintext
  • Fixed link behavior where hash navigation (as in /foo#comments) would trigger unnecessary AJAX requests
  • Introduced simpler manual bootstrap option

v2.4.1 Nitpick

  • Added additional safe-guards against failed IndexedDB bootstrapping
  • Fixed a bug when resolving relative paths in the Taunus CLI
  • Fixed a bug when omitting the options object when invoking taunus.mount in the client-side
  • document.title only changes if it's defined in the model
  • The container object passed to taunus.mount on the client-side must be a DOM element

v2.4.0 Bootstrap Overload

  • Removed manual bootstrap option
  • Introduced automatic bootstrap that fetches the model for you
  • Reinstated inline bootstrap that expects model to be inline in a <script type='text/taunus'> tag
  • Reduced maximum caching latency to 200ms from 500ms

v2.3.0 Clickety Click

  • Got rid of localStorage cache, relying solely on memory and IndexedDB cache stores
  • Introduced link prefetching on mouseover and touchstart for anchor links with valid Taunus routes
  • Default cache half-life set to 30 seconds
  • Simplified interface to 'fetcher.*' events

v2.2.1 Back-End Portability

  • Introduced ability to use different backends through taunus-express or taunus-hapi
  • CLI arguments now have proper shorthand one-character aliases
  • CLI supports transforming routes, e.g using hapiify to transform Hapi routes into something the client-side Taunus router understands
  • Reasonable defaults using a dedicated .bin directory

v2.0.0 Carrier Interceptor

  • Interceptors are now event-drived
  • Introduced blind-caching engine based on interceptors, disabled by default

v1.8.3 Evented XHR

  • Introduced more XHR-tracking events

v1.8.2 Defer All The Things

  • Model is now expected to load asynchronously via taunusReady global
  • Introduced jsonp support
  • Reduced amount of data transferred over JSON

v1.7.6 Refund

  • Requesting a new page provokes Taunus to .abort the request currently being made

v1.7.5 Dependency Hoarder

  • Removed dependency on lodash.unescape

v1.7.3 Cache Driver

  • A max-age=0 header prevents stale content from never being refreshed

v1.7.2 Cache Driver

  • Changed max-age to only 1 hour

v1.7.1 Slave Driver

  • Add ability to rebuild default view model at a later point in time

v1.6.21 Early Bird

Wait for defaults to become available before serving any responses

v1.6.20 Negotiator

  • Use accepts for content negotiation

v1.6.19 Hollow Point

  • Fixed an issue when navigating to hashes

v1.6.8 Cat Food

  • Fixed an issue with links being reloaded
  • Fixed an issue when navigating backwards

v1.6.4 Crash Course

  • Changed caching model to private, must-revalidate, and set max-age to a day

v1.6.3 Golf Cart

  • Default view model no longer request-based, more memory efficient

v1.5.1 Cache Negotiation

  • Use a different URL when hijacking AJAX requests so that browsers properly cache JSON vs HTML

v1.5.0 Cache Machine

  • Introduced server-side view caching, setting ETag, Vary, and cache-control HTTP headers

v1.4.10 Ancient Browsing

  • Fix a bug where old browsers would change the location.href and execute AJAX code afterwards
  • Fix a bug where ignore wouldn't be propagated by the CLI to client-side routes

v1.4.8 Hollow Point

  • Anchor links containing <span> or any other child elements that may be event targets now get hijacked as well

v1.4.7 Sleepy Hollow

  • Print the stack trace of captured template rendering errors

v1.4.6 Skeptic Magician

  • Fix a bug in browsers without history API
  • Prevent .mount to be called more than once in the client-side
  • Friendly error message if view rendering fails

v1.4.5 Shy Shoulder

  • Fix a bug where links wouldn't be ajax-enhanced

v1.4.4 Sankara Stones

  • Introduced skip to skip over view routes in certain situations

v1.4.3 Dividing Line

  • Added ignore option to allow routes that go straight to the server

v1.4.2 Fancy Treat

  • Introduced ability to set response status code in model

v1.4.0 Responsive Design

  • Implemented public API method that allows generating a response using the Taunus API

v1.3.0 Ion Drive

  • Browser support when history API is missing

v1.2.2 Switcheroo

  • Moved around arguments for 'error' event

v1.1.1 Silent Killer

  • Event emitter no longer throws on errors

v1.1.0 Renderist

  • Renders views using function(model) on the server-side as well

v1.0.6 Anchor Fighters

  • Play nice on links with href='#...'

v1.0.3 Rafael

  • Fixed a missing reference to raf

v1.0.2 Broken Promises

  • Taunus now expects data-taunus attributes to match a <script> tag containing the view model

v0.5.5 Backwards Compatibility

  • Navigating through history properly triggers the corresponding scroll towards the route hash, or the top of the document

v0.5.4 Logic Route

  • Improved routing logic so that it remembers search and hash parts of a URL, while these won't factor into routing itself

v0.5.3 Model of the State

  • taunus.state.model now exposes the current view's model

v0.5.2 Wary Goblin

  • Introduced middleware option to modify base view model on a request basis

v0.5.1 State of the Art

  • Publish state on public API

v0.4.5 Honorary Title

  • Fix a bug when navigating backwards where the document.title wouldn't be updated

v0.4.4 Brokeback Mountain

  • Fix a bug when navigating backwards to a view that re-routed the action through model.action

v0.4.3 User Matters

  • req.user is automatically copied into model.user

v0.4.2 Foo Fighters

  • Relative paths for convenience

v0.4.1 Action Figure

  • Ability to change the default action through a property in the model

v0.4.0 High Seas

  • Introduced public API method .navigate(url)

v0.3.6 Route 66

  • Added an optional route parameter for internal use

v0.3.5 Contextual Tasting

  • Fixed a bug where the initial start and render events would broadcast the wrong context

v0.3.3 Logical Perplexion

  • Fixed navigation when clicking links that don't match a route

v0.3.2 Steady Navigation

  • Fixed navigation when clicking links

v0.3.1 Boob Flash

  • res.viewModel.action allows you to change the view to be rendered
  • If the request has a .flash method, then it'll get consumed when generating a response

v0.3.0 Exposed Parts

  • Expose partials on the core API in the client-side

v0.1.10 Lock Picking

  • Use ' intead of " in auto-generated wiring

v0.1.9 Word Smith

  • Reworded standalone CLI usage

v0.1.8 Bug Crusher


  • Fixed an issue with controllers not running on the client-side

v0.1.7 Enviroment Activism

  • Separated concerns in routing, templating, and controllers in the client-side

v0.1.6 XML Vulnerability

  • Added ability to intercept model requests and return a cached response before they server is queried

v0.1.5 Packaging

  • .taunusrc options can also be configured in package.json, as the taunus property

v0.1.4 Emancipation

  • taunus --standalone taunus.js eliminates dependency on Common.JS and Browserify

v0.1.3 Spare Change


  • Fixed an issue when clicking on links

v0.1.2 Town Car

  • Turned into an event emitter
  • Link click route-checking is delegated from document.body
  • Implemented replaceable module path resolvers for customization

v0.1.1 Saucy Studio

  • Fixed a CLI issue forming paths on Windows

v0.1.0 Fiery Pony

  • Initial Public Release
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