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Micro Isomorphic MVC. Progressive Enhancement. Content-First. Single-Page Applications (that are also server-side rendered). Predictive Caching. Bring Your Own View Engine.

Taunus aims to simplify the state of MVC and shared rendering using convention over configuration. Taunus will handle routing, allow you to lay out controllers and view templates independently for each view.


The comprehensive documentation is available at

In The Wild

For usage examples, please check out these sites.

Alternatively walk through getting-started or use the Yeoman generator!



Install dependencies.

npm install

You can analyze the bundle size using the command below.

npm run diagnose


Taunus has unit tests for both the client-side and the server-side. Run them both with npm.

npm test

You can also run them individually.

npm run test-server
npm run test-client

Note that during CI a different test harness is used for the client-side (the test-client-ci script), but the tests stay the same.

Continuous Integration

The server-side test suite is serviced by Travis CI.


Sauce Labs provides CI for the client-side Taunus test suite.




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