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Sarah Goldman sarahgoldman

Sapient Government Services Arlington, VA

Wyatt Queener wqueener

RP3 Agency Bethesda, MD

Michael Kahane LordOfCorners

I am a creative technologist currently working at RP3 Agency. I develop platforms that engage people in new forms of interaction and play.

Hugo Giraudel HugoGiraudel

Writing a bio is the worst.

N26 Berlin

Anna Debenham maban

Front-end dev at @Snyk.

London, UK

David Bisset dimensionmedia

Dimension Media South Florida

Deanna C. Steers dsteers

RP3 Agency Bethesda, MD

Brad Touesnard bradt

Director @deliciousbrains

Delicious Brains Inc. Nova Scotia, Canada

Kurt Roberts kurtroberts

RP3 Agency Washington DC

Scott Jehl scottjehl

Author of Responsible Responsive Design (A Book Apart). Designer/Developer at @filamentgroup. I love to surf.

Seagrove Beach, FL

Sam Richard Snugug

Developer w/design tendencies and a love of building open source tools to help w/both. Geeks out on content strategy, team process, and cultural transformation.

IBM Watson New York

Scott Kellum scottkellum

Vox Media 3rd planet from Sol

Chris Da Sie cjdsie

Chris Da Sie Designs Martinez, CA

PD pdclark

San Francisco, CA

Yuri Victor yurivictor Washington, DC

Brad Frost bradfrost

Brad Frost Web Pittsburgh, PA

Andrew Nacin nacin

WordPress / The White House Washington, D.C.

Brian Watson bswatson

10up, Inc Savannah, GA