Simple wrapper for some pHash image functions
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Grayphash is unstable simple gem for some functions from pHash library.


  • Ruby
  • CImg library
  • Imagemagick for more stability

How to get

Ubuntu example:

sudo apt-get install cimg-dev
sudo gem install grayphash

Compiling can take some minutes (0.5 - 2 minutes): slow CImg is slow.

Windows example: You can use MinGW (it's just in ruby kit for windows). You also need Imagemagick if you want to use this gem. And you need big library file CImg.h (just find it and copy to %mingwpath%/include/).

How to use

Calculcate perceptive hash for image:

require 'grayphash'
phash = Grayphash.phash('./pics/1.jpg')   # => 16162904659988308473
phash = phash('./pics/1.jpg')   # => 16162904659988308473

Calculate similarity:

a = './pics/3.jpg'
b = './pics/4.jpg'
similarity = 1 - Grayphash.hamming(phash(a), phash(b)).to_f / 64   # => 0.90625

How it works

Grayphash is small ruby module which contains some methods from pHash library.

  • about() # returns info string about version.
  • phash(image_path) # calculate 64-bits perceptive hash for image.
  • hamming(hash1, hash2) # returns hamming distance between two numbers.

Stable alternatives


  • GPL3 for this wrapper.
  • GPL3 for pHash code: see more at pHash site
  • GNU GPL, GNU LPGL for CImg library: see more at cimg FAQ