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window.__TAURI__.invoke() throws "_this.transformCallback is not a function" #1547

edbrannin opened this issue Apr 20, 2021 · 8 comments


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edbrannin commented Apr 20, 2021

Describe the bug

Whenever I call window.__TAURI__.invoke(), I get this error:

_this.transformCallback is not a function. (In '_this.transformCallback(function (r) {
        delete window[error];
      }, true)', '_this.transformCallback' is undefined)

To Reproduce


  1. Make a custom command
  2. Run that command with window.__TAURI__.invoke() (see also line 4)

Runnable example:

  1. Clone (at commit: 70a8f04a78ef8e0effc0052ea98077c0be1c2bb8)
  2. Run yarn tauri dev

Expected behavior
A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.

If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

Platform and Versions (please complete the following information):

Operating System - Mac OS, version 10.15.7 X64

Node.js environment
  Node.js - 12.20.1
  @tauri-apps/cli - 1.0.0-beta-rc.2
  @tauri-apps/api - 1.0.0

Global packages
  npm - 6.14.11
  yarn - 1.22.10

Rust environment
  rustc - 1.51.0
  cargo - 1.51.0

App directory structure

App - 1.0.0-beta-rc.0
build-type - bundle
CSP - default-src blob: data: filesystem: ws: http: https: 'unsafe-eval' 'unsafe-inline'
distDir - ../build
devPath - http://localhost:3000

Additional context

I've been using window.__TAURI__.invoke() because of #1512 -- I'll try using the imported version now that rc2 is out.

Stack Trace

[Error] Error:
TypeError: _this.transformCallback is not a function. (In '_this.transformCallback(function (r) { resolve(r); delete window[error]; }, true)', '_this.transformCallback' is undefined)
invoke — user-script:3:100
(anonymous function) — App.js:48
(anonymous function) — App.js:30
(anonymous function) — App.js:41
invokePassiveEffectCreate — react-dom.development.js:23487
callCallback — react-dom.development.js:3945
invokeGuardedCallbackDev — react-dom.development.js:3994
invokeGuardedCallback — react-dom.development.js:4056
flushPassiveEffectsImpl — react-dom.development.js:23574
unstable_runWithPriority — scheduler.development.js:468
(anonymous function) — react-dom.development.js:23324
workLoop — scheduler.development.js:417
flushWork — scheduler.development.js:390
performWorkUntilDeadline — scheduler.development.js:157
	(anonymous function) (main.chunk.js:86)
	(anonymous function)
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Sponsor Member

Can you please update and try again? It seems that is out of date:

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Whoops, I thought tauri deps update would take care of that. It seems like it's checking, but isn't finding the update...

yarn run v1.22.10
$ tauri deps update
[tauri]: running deps
 dependency:manager Updating dependencies... +0ms
 app:spawn [sync] Running "rustup update" +190ms

info: syncing channel updates for 'stable-x86_64-apple-darwin'

  stable-x86_64-apple-darwin unchanged - rustc 1.51.0 (2fd73fabe 2021-03-23)

info: cleaning up downloads & tmp directories
 dependency:cargo-commands "tauri-bundler" is up to date +942ms
 dependency:crates "tauri" is up to date +298ms
 dependency:npm-packages "@tauri-apps/api" is up to date +2s
 dependency:npm-packages "@tauri-apps/cli" is up to date +1s
✨  Done in 4.99s.

Sorry, I'm a rust newbie; I'll try to figure this out

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Sponsor Member

dang - you're right! it seems that it won't find the beta. @lucasfernog - got an idea here? this will probably follow us for a while

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I ran cargo update in src-tauri and it's updated:

    Updating index
    Updating jobserver v0.1.21 -> v0.1.22
    Updating open v1.6.0 -> v1.7.0
    Updating tauri v1.0.0-beta-rc.0 -> v1.0.0-beta-rc.2
    Updating weezl v0.1.4 -> v0.1.5

I tried again and it's still happening.

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It works when I import invoke, so this may just be a problem with window.__TAURI__:

import { invoke } from '@tauri-apps/api/tauri';

I'm going to move on now, but let me know if I can be useful for resolving the root cause somehow. :)

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Sponsor Member

Thanks for the headsup and the speedy resolution. Going to close this, since your issue was resolved.

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Sounds good, though I hope you won't forget to check on window.__TAURI__.invoke() :)

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Hmmm the issue happened because you changed the context of window.__TAURI__.invoke. I can change it to not rely on this and it'll work.

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