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Twitch.TV live broadcast downloader without ffmpeg
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Python 3.6+

Required packages: requests (http requests), pydantic (data validation), strictyaml (.yaml creation, validation), m3u8 (parsing HLS), iso8601 (parsing dates), mypy-extensions (extended type hints).

The script and lib are made for recording broadcasts and VODs from

Main purpose of default script is downloading live broadcast without mute from currently recording VOD. This allows you to create a good VOD storage with info from Twitch API. The library doesn't use ffmpeg or avconv for downloading because corresponding HLS-playlist are always finalized. Library automatically detects when VOD is completed. Default script ( actions:

  1. Checkup when the stream on channel goes live.
  2. Wait until VOD corresponding to the stream appears in Twitch API. (by difference between stream's started_at and VOD's created_at)
  3. Download VOD while its duration is increasing.
  4. Move file to storage.
  5. Go to 1.

Library use latest Twitch API Helix (docs). All broadcasts will be saved *.ts as it presented on Use ffmpeg after if you want to convert files to another format.

You can enable telegram notifications about start/stop downloading and fatal errors if you want.


Install pipenv if it doen't installed yet.

git clone
cd twlived && pipenv --python 3.6 && pipenv install && pipenv shell


Run to generate configuration file template config.yaml.

pipenv run

Open config.yml and edit it. Necessary positions are marked with <>. To get client-id you should go and Register your application.

After all run again to start proccess

pipenv run


  • Add authorization flow for private VODs.
  • Add support for live broadcasts. (Streamer could turn off recording VODs.)
  • Add support for all type of video.
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