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Fully working 2.0 but still need browser testing page

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1 parent 479f26a commit 3d236116a4aeb680aaa05865e8b4db369c3f836f @tautologistics committed Apr 18, 2012
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- *
+ * Brand new parser, handles edge cases old parser did not
+ * Parser handlers renamed to builders
+ * Builder method signature simplified
+ * Moved element position calculation to builders for efficiency
+ * Added case-sensitivity options for tag and attribute names
+ * Parser output minimized (unecessary values removed)
+ * Element attribute list renamed from attribs to attributes
+ * Node types consolidated; "script" and "style" moved to "tag"
+ * An order of magnitude more tests, with many targeting the parser rather than just the builders
+ * Tests consolidated into single files per test type (e.g. parser tests, html tests, rss tests)
+ * Testing code rewritten (e.g. direct object comparator instead of comparison of and object's JSON)
+ * Brand new bugs! (not sure what they are yet but I am sure there are at least a few)
* Removed "os" entry from package.json
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