pre-pre-pre-alpha for a web based spireader
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pre-pre-pre-alpha for a web based spireader designed for a Pi, but should work on a BBB or any Linux with spidev. The path is hardcoded to spidev0.0 at the moment and the speed to 24 MHz.

To start, run which will run flask on 5000/tcp.

To automatically grab the whole chip (similar to flashrom) go to the root page and click "readit".

For the api:

  • /api/identify, returns a JSON containing the dump of the JEDEC identification of the chip, after a bit of mangulation (e.g. attempt to translate the manufacturer and to return the real capacity instead of the power). Continuation codes haven't been tested yet.
  • /api/read/start/end, reads from start to end. This should buffer it in blocks of 10KB, so shouldn't fall a foul of kernel limitations.

PRs and suggestions welcomed. Including those for a better name.

Plans are to add other modes, such as I2C, one wire, three wire, even a uboot md reader.