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Updated documentation for the new templating feature #12

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Just updated the README.rst example with a little bit of documentation for the new Mako templating feature introduced in version 0.3.2 (see issue #11).


Thanks for this!

@tav tav merged commit 31759b3 into tav:master
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@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ The default support includes:
* Creating a JSON manifest file for use in your web app's static handlers.
+* Generating files processed by a templating language (e.g. for inserting content from other files).
The tool is driven by the configuration you specify in an ``assetgen.yaml``
file, e.g.
@@ -64,6 +66,19 @@ file, e.g.
- encoder/encode.ts
sourcemaps: true
+ - js/content-inserter.js
+ source:
+ - static/html/content.html # plain html content
+ - static/js/ # content handling logic
+ - raw: "})();"
+ template: |
+ (function(){var htmlContent = ${source|trim,jsliteral};
+ # the source parameter gets processesed for each static source
+ # file (i.e. not raw strings) which is not processed in any way
+ # i.e. not CoffeeScript/TypeScript files.
+ # Also, templates only works when source maps are disabled
+ sourcemaps: false
- gfx/*:
source: static/gfx/*
type: binary
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