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Update to pysec challenge and added Dhaka article.

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@@ -16,7 +16,8 @@ The challenge is simple:
You can find the latest version of here:
-* [Current: v7]
+* [Current: `v7
+ <>`_]
I will keep updated as new exploits and workarounds are found until
we hopefully end up with a version we can be confident about. [VERSION attribute
@@ -169,4 +170,5 @@ Good luck and thanks! =)
[Fixed in v7]
-Found an exploit yet?? Let me know!
+Found an exploit yet?? Try `
+<>`_ and let me know!
@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
+First Impressions of Dhaka
+:X-Created: [2008-07-13, 22:31]
+.. image::
+ :alt: Dhaka in the Rain
+ :class: float-right
+`Dhaka <>`_ has a distinctive aroma. I had
+expected it to smell like Mumbai or perhaps even Chennai. But it seems that
+whilst there's quite an overlap, these South Asian mega-cities have their own
+unique identities after all.
+Advertisements for mobile phones and phone networks are *Everywhere*. It wasn't
+even a decade ago when these advertisements would have been for "cool drinks"
+like Pepsi and Coca-Cola. But times change.
+It's raining. Fly a few thousand miles and it's still raining. Perhaps one of us
+is like the Rain Man in the 4th HHGTTG book?
+The people are smiling. Always a good sign. The traffic slows to a standstill.
+Time to soak in the noise. Poverty all around. Billboards for Grameen companies
+Wonder what this city looked like 50 years ago?

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