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Suppress ANSI colors #32

nelstrom opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Out of the box, and using the default formatter, nodelint uses ANSI colors to mark error messages red in the console. It would be great if there was a way to suppress these. Two ideas spring to mind:

  • provide a --nocolor flag
  • and/or respect the NODE_DISABLE_COLORS environment variable

I'm not sure which is the best approach, but I've found similar issues filed for coffeescript and cli.


I think respect the NODE_DISABLE_COLORS is a good suggestion.

@Sannis Sannis referenced this issue from a commit in Sannis/nodelint
@Sannis Sannis Respect NODE_DISABLE_COLORS in default reporter, refs #32 654f41f

Only default reporter use ANSI coloring, so I move options to reporter and add NODE_DISABLE_COLORS check there.

Is it ok for you, @nelstrom?


Nice work! Thanks for a quick turnaround on this issue.


It will be merged into tav/master if there is no other opinions.



@Sannis Sannis closed this

Great news, thanks!

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