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A package of various Python modules I've written or put together over the years
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The tavutil package provides a collection of utility Python modules:

  • tavutil.async
  • tavutil.crypto
  • tavutil.daemon
  • tavutil.darwinsandbox
  • tavutil.dict
  • tavutil.env
  • tavutil.exception
  • tavutil.ip
  • tavutil.jsonp
  • tavutil.lzf
  • tavutil.optcomplete
  • tavutil.optimise
  • tavutil.paypalx
  • tavutil.redis
  • tavutil.sanitise
  • tavutil.scm
  • tavutil.validation
  • tavutil.zeroconf


To contribute any patches simply fork the repository using GitHub and send a pull request to, thanks!


All of the code, except where otherwise noted in file headers, has been released into the Public Domain.

-- Enjoy, tav <>

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