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2009-10-18 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[GTK] Add MathML to the build system
Add --enable-mathml to configure.
2009-10-15 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[GTK] marshal stamp files are not cleaned after a distclean
Add the stamp files directly to cleanfiles. Also rearrange the
variable declarations so we don't miss any files that need to be
cleaned up during the clean targets.
2009-10-15 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Unreviewed. Help text fix - Web Sockets default is no, not yes.
2009-10-12 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Rubberstamped by Eric Seidel.
[Gtk] Fix icu CFLAG for Darwin
Don't escape the srcdir variable. Also use $host instead of the
os_foo variables.
* autotools/webkit.m4:
2009-10-12 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
[Gtk] Use the SQLite3 headers from WebKitLibraries if sqlite3 is undetected
2009-10-05 Zoltan Horvath <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
[Qt] Disable TCmalloc for Windows port at the present, because MinGW
hasn't got built-in pthread library.
* WebKit.pri:
2009-10-02 Prasanth Ullattil <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
Disable a few more harmless MSVC warnings.
* WebKit.pri:
2009-10-01 Laszlo Gombos <>
Unreviewed, build fix.
[Qt] Symbian build break after r48976.
unix is set for Symbian in the Qt build system.
* WebKit.pri:
2009-10-01 Zoltan Horvath <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
[Qt] Enable TCmalloc for the Linux, Mac and Windows Qt-port
Remove USE_SYSTEM_MALLOC for Linux, Mac and Windows Qt-port from WebKit.pri,
so these Qt-ports will use TCmalloc as other ports.
* WebKit.pri:
2009-10-01 Martin Robinson <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[GTK] GtkIMContext filtering interferes with DOM key events
Add new key event test ensuring that IME keypresses are handled.
2009-10-01 Philippe Normand <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[GTK] data: uri support in media player
Check presence of gstreamer-pbutils-0.10.
2009-09-26 David Kilzer <>
2009-09-23 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
Do not add unneeded include paths for gir files, and add the
include paths for headers manually instead of relying on our own
pc file and installed headers, since that adds a circular
2009-09-23 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
Minor reorganization to the patch landed in Also move JSCore-1.0.gir
in the gtk directory as that's only useful to the Gtk port at the
2009-09-23 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
[GTK] We should generate our own gir file for introspection
Generate gir and typelib files for WebKit and JSCore. The JSCore
gir file is handwritten (since it's only useful, for now, as a
dependency of the WebKit gir file), the WebKit one is
autogenerated from the headers.
* JSCore-1.0.gir: Added.
2009-09-22 Philippe Normand <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
link errors due to wrong UNICODE_LIBS on Ubuntu Jaunty
Call icu-cconfig with ldflags-libsonly to prevent having a -L
statement that could override libs installed in another prefix.
* autotools/webkit.m4:
2009-09-21 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
Bump version for 1.1.15 release.
2009-09-18 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha and Jan Alonzo.
[GTK] context menu overriding API is very limited
Add new tests to the build.
2009-09-18 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha and Jan Alonzo.
[GTK] context menu overriding API is very limited
Add WebKitHitTestResult to the build.
2009-09-10 Laszlo Gombos <>
Reviewed by Ariya Hidayat.
Disable some ARM compiler warnings
The following ARM compiler warnings are disabled
- #68-D: integer conversion resulted in a change of sign
- #111-D: statement is unreachable
- #177-D: variable XXX was declared but never referenced
- #368-D: class XXX defines no constructor to initialize the following: YYY
- #830-D: function XXX "XXX::operator new" has no corresponding operator delete
- #1293-D: assignment in condition
* WebKit.pri:
2009-09-09 Kenneth Rohde Christiansen <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
[Qt] Add the alternative QtLauncher (based on QGraphicsView) to the build.
2009-09-07 Xan Lopez <>
Rubber-stamped by Gustavo Noronha.
Bump versions in preparation for 1.1.14 release.
2009-09-07 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[GTK] Needs API to allow more control over outgoing requests
* new files added to the build for new class
2009-09-06 Martin Robinson <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha, Jan Alonzo and Xan Lopez.
[Gtk] Expose a database API
Expose an HTML5 database API for GTK+.
2009-09-04 Albert Bachand <>
Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
Modify the condition regarding the key modifier for opening combo
boxes under GTK from just PLATFORM(GTK) to also look for
* WebCore/dom/SelectElement.cpp:
* WebCore/manual-tests/select-popup-on-spacebar.html:
2009-09-02 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez and Gustavo Noronha.
[Gtk] Implement a WebDataSource for the gtk port
Add WebKitWebDataSource unit test to the build script
2009-09-02 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez and Gustavo Noronha.
[Gtk] Implement a WebDataSource for the gtk port
Add WebKitWebDataSource and DocumentLoaderGtk to the build script.
2009-09-01 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez and Gustavo Noronha.
[Gtk] Implement a WebDataSource for the gtk port
Add WebKitWebResource to the build script.
2009-08-28 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.
Gtk Build broken for OSX Quartz
Define XP_UNIX for non-Win OS builds.
2009-08-28 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[GTK] scrollbar policy for main frame is not implementable
Adding files for the new test for window-related issues (starting
with scrollbar policy).
2009-08-27 Priit Laes <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[GTK] Out-of-srcdir build problem
*, autotools/webkit.m4:
Fix problem with out-of-srcdir builds. Also bump required glib version.
2009-08-24 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
Bump package and so versions for 1.1.13 release.
2009-08-22 Javier Jardón <>
[GTK] Not use deprecated symbols in WebKitWebView example code.
* WebKit/gtk/webkit/webkitwebview.cpp
2009-08-18 Xan Lopez <>
Rubber-stamped by Holger Freyther.
Require at least libsoup 2.27.91 for the new password
manager/authentication APIs.
2009-08-18 Drew Wilson <>
Reviewed by NOBODY (Build Break).
Speculative fix for GTK DumpRenderTree.
2009-08-18 Kent Tamura <>
Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
Add --enable-datalist option.
2009-08-14 Adam Bergkvist <>
Reviewed by Sam Weinig.
[GTK] Added EventSource to the build (default on).
2009-08-14 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Rubber-stamped by Gustavo Noronha.
Initialize CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS before the main body of the
WEBKIT_INIT macro so C files don't get built with "-g -O2".
* autotools/webkit.m4:
2009-08-12 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Jan Alonzo.
[GTK] Remove keyring optional features
Remove keyring support, we now do authentication storage through
libsoup. We depend on libsoup master now, will bump the dependency
when there's a new release.
2009-08-11 Drew Wilson <>
Reviewed by NOBODY (Build break).
Speculative fix for GTK build break.
2009-08-11 Tor Arne Vestbø <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
Build the TestNetscapePlugin on Qt/Mac
2009-08-11 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Jan Alonzo.
Prefix lengthy commands with AM_V_GEN so that they produce an
output like 'GEN <filename>' when in silent mode.
2009-08-05 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[Gtk] macros in webkit.m4 should be defined once only
The macros in webkit.m4 are not meant to be called multiple times
so we'll make them AC_DEFUN_ONCE. Also make AC_HEADER_STDC and AC_PROG_CXX
AC_REQUIRE to remove the automake warnings when doing
Lastly, make sure CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS are defined before
AC_PROG_CXX gets expanded so it doesn't add "-g -O2" on Release builds.
* autotools/webkit.m4:
2009-08-05 Xan Lopez <>
Revert r46714, it was making us build debug images by default.
* autotools/webkit.m4:
2009-08-03 Laszlo Gombos <>
Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
[Qt] Consolidate common gcc flags to WebKit.pri
* WebKit.pri:
2009-08-03 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Rubber-stamped by Eric Seidel.
[Gtk] macros in webkit.m4 should be defined once only
The macros in webkit.m4 are not meant to be called multiple times
so we'll make them AC_DEFUN_ONCE. Also make AC_HEADER_STDC and AC_PROG_CXX
AC_REQUIRE to remove the automake warnings when doing
* autotools/webkit.m4:
2009-07-29 Ariya Hidayat <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
Adding ImageDiff project file.
* Added
2009-07-29 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Eric Seidel and Xan Lopez.
[Gtk] Enable http/tests/appcache tests
* Add webkit/webkitapplicationcache.cpp
2009-07-28 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
Use automake 1.11 SILENT_RULES when present, for cleaner build
output. You can disable it by passing --disable-silent-rules to
configure or V=1 to make.
* autotools/dolt.m4:
2009-07-28 Laszlo Gombos <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
[Qt] Disable some compiler warnings for the win build
* WebKit.pri:
2009-07-28 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
* bump version for 1.1.12 release.
2009-07-24 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
Remove unneeded commas from PKG_CHECK_MODULES.
2009-07-24 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
Bump pango version requirement to 1.12 which is the version that
came with Gtk 2.10.
2009-07-21 Roland Steiner <>
Reviewed by David Levin.
Add ENABLE_RUBY to list of build options
* Added flag ENABLE_RUBY.
2009-07-20 Laszlo Gombos <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[Qt] Add an option for QtLauncher to build without QtUiTools dependency
Based on Norbert Leser's work.
* WebKit.pri: Symbian does not have UiTools
2009-07-16 Fumitoshi Ukai <>
Reviewed by David Levin.
Add --web-sockets flag and ENABLE_WEB_SOCKETS define.
Add --enable-web-sockets in
2009-07-16 Laszlo Gombos <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
[Qt] Enable GNU compiler extensions to the ARM compiler
for all Qt ports using RVCT
* WebKit.pri:
2009-07-15 Tor Arne Vestbø <>
Rubber-stamped by Simon Hausmann.
Fix the Qt/Mac build by disabling TestNetscapePlugin
We should fix and enable this once we run DRT for Qt/Mac
2009-07-13 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Unreviewed build fix. Require the correct libsoup version now that
it's released.
2009-07-13 Laszlo Gombos <>
Reviewed by Tor Arne Vestbø.
[Qt] Build fix for QtWebKit on Win
* WebKit.pri: Include the major version number in the QtWebKit
library file for Win.
2009-07-13 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Ariya Hidayat.
Add the test netscape plugin for the Qt DRT to the build.
2009-07-13 Drew Wilson <>
Reviewed by David Levin.
Add ENABLE(SHARED_WORKERS) flag and define SharedWorker APIs
2009-07-12 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
Bump version in preparation for 1.1.11 release.
2009-07-07 Norbert Leser <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
Exclude from symbian build
2009-07-09 Drew Wilson <>
Reviewed by Alexey Proskuryakov.
Turned on CHANNEL_MESSAGING by default because the MessageChannel API
can now be implemented for Web Workers and is reasonably stable.
2009-07-03 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez and Gustavo Noronha.
Set user-agent from application
Define UA version macros to be used by the UA string.
Add new WebSettings unit test for the User-Agent string API.
2009-06-20 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Jan Alonzo.
Adding files for the new test case for loading statuses.
2009-06-15 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
Version bump in preparation for 1.1.10 release.
2009-06-12 Tor Arne Vestbø <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
Refactor handling of options in the build-webkit script
Options are now defined in one place, and then reused when creating
the usage help text, the arguments to GetOptions(), and when passing
the options on to the underlying port-dependent build systems.
This allows the Qt port to read the defaults for the options from the
pro file (dynamically), and to pass the options on to qmake at build.
2009-06-11 Laszlo Gombos <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[Qt] Fix release build detection
* WebKit.pri:
2009-06-10 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
Add unit tests for our WebKitNetworkRequest object.
2009-06-10 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
Version bump in preparation for 1.1.9 release.
2009-06-10 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Jan Alonzo.
[GTK][ATK] Please implement support for get_text_at_offset
Add new dependency on the Gail utils library, needed for our a11y
2009-05-29 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Jan Alonzo.
Add a test-case for our HTTP backend, currently checking the
ref-counting of the SoupMessage.
2009-05-28 Dirk Schulze <>
Reviewed by Nikolas Zimmermann.
Enable the new build flag --filters for Gtk. More details in WebCore/ChangeLog.
2009-05-19 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Jan Alonzo and Gustavo Noronha.
[GTK][ATK] Please implement support for get_text_at_offset
Add new test file for ATK.
2009-05-28 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Rubber-stamped by Xan Lopez.
Fix webkitgtk_cleanfiles to clean gtk-doc-related files in the
correct directory, so that we pass make distcheck.
2009-05-28 Xan Lopez <>
Bump version numbers in preparation for 1.1.8 release.
2009-05-23 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Unreviewed build fix. Add gstreamer-video-0.10 libs to
GSTREAMER_LIBS to resolve an undefined reference to gst_video_get_size
- symbol used in MediaPlayerPrivateGstreamer.
2009-05-23 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[Gtk] Various autotools build refactoring and fixes
Refactor library LIBS. Move third-party libs in libwebkit instead
of libWebCore.
2009-05-22 Antonio Gomes <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
Make Gtk build not bail out if gtk-doc-tools is not installed.
Warning message shown instead.
2009-05-22 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
Add big warnings about the glib unicode backend being slow and
incomplete, since it is a work in progress.
* autotools/webkit.m4:
2009-05-22 Dominik Röttsches <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
[GTK] Implement Unicode functionality using GLib
Initial version of this patch by Jürg Billeter.
Adding options for --with-unicode-backend=icu|glib
and checking for pango version >= 1.21.0 if GLib backend
is selected. Temporarily, until remaining parts of
this patch are committed, introduce WTF_USE_GLIB_ICU_UNICODE_HYBRID
macro to allow for a mixed compilation with WTF Unicode
backend based on GLib while text codecs and TextBreakIterator
remain ICU dependent.
2009-05-18 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Gavin Barraclough.
Enable YARR, and disable WREC for GTK+.
2009-05-18 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[Gtk] Various autotools build refactoring and fixes
Add support for running unit tests. Also run the tests whenever
the 'check' target runs.
2009-05-18 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[Gtk] Various autotools build refactoring and fixes
Style fixes
2009-05-18 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[Gtk] Various autotools build refactoring and fixes
Add -no-install and -no-fast-install to programs and tests that we
don't install. Also remove -O2 since this is already handled at
configure time.
2009-05-17 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[Gtk] Various autotools build refactoring and fixes
Refactor library cflags
2009-05-15 Fridrich Strba <>
Reviewed by Jan Alonzo.
the JIT compiler is not a cross-compiler
2009-05-13 Xan Lopez <>
Unreviewed: bump versions in preparation for 1.1.7 release.
2009-05-13 Xan Lopez <>
Rubber-stamped by Gustavo Noronha.
Revert commit r43563, since it breaks WebKitGTK+ when compiled
with gcc 4.4.
2009-05-12 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[Gtk] Various autotools build refactoring and fixes
2009-05-09 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
WebKit-r43163 won't build for gtk-directfb
Move the ENCHANT check out of the with_target conditional since it
applies to all targets
2009-05-09 Mike Hommey <>
Reviewed by Geoffrey Garen. Landed by Jan Alonzo.
Enable JIT on x86-64 gtk+
2009-05-08 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
Ship the gtk-doc.make file, so as to not depend on gtkdoc-tools.
2009-05-06 Tor Arne Vestbø <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
Build QtWebKit as a framework on Mac
This implies both debug and release build by default, unless
one of the --debug or --release config options are passed to
the build-webkit script.
Frameworks can be disabled by passing CONFIG+=webkit_no_framework
to the build-webkit script.
To be able to build both debug and release targets in parallel
we have to use separate output directories for the generated
sources, which is not optimal, but required to avoid race conditions.
An optimization would be to only require this spit-up on Mac.
* WebKit.pri:
2009-04-30 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Unreviewed build GTK build fix
* typo fix - javascript_debugger should be enable_javascript_debugger
2009-04-30 Dimitri Glazkov <>
Unreviewed, build fix.
Extend the cover of ENABLE_JAVASCRIPT_DEBUGGER to profiler.
* Add autoconfig options, missed in the first commit.
2009-04-28 Xan Lopez <>
Unreviewed: bump versions in preparation for 1.1.6 release.
2009-04-25 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[GTK] Error reporting
Add webkiterror to the build.
2009-04-25 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Xan Lopez.
[GTK] Error reporting
Add the default error page for installation.
2009-04-24 Diego Escalante Urrelo <>
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha.
[GTK] Add spell checking
Add enchant support for spell-checking-languages property to work
2009-04-24 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Ariya Hidayat.
Added support for generating API docs in the Qt build using "make docs"
* Include docs.pri for "make docs" target.
2009-04-14 Xan Lopez <>
Unreviewed version bump in preparation for 1.1.5 release.
2009-04-06 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Rubber-stamped by Sam Weinig.
Added rules to maintain the localization support. We cannot simply
use whatever gettextize gives us because our build system is
2009-04-05 Mike Hommey <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Filter out all C++ symbols
Considering the public API is all C, we can just filter out all
C++ mangled symbols, which will avoid exporting symbols in some
corner cases such as gcc bugs on specific architectures, etc.
* autotools/symbols.filter:
2009-04-03 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Require GTK+ >= 2.10; 2.8 is already very old, and some very
useful APIs are only available since 2.10.
2009-04-01 Christian Dywan <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Unit test WebKitDownload
* Add a unit test for downloading.
2009-04-01 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Unreviewed build fix. Fix make distcheck, after the gtk-doc
2009-03-30 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Integrate gtk-doc into the Gtk+ buildsystem.
2009-03-30 Xan Lopez <>
Unreviewed: bump version to 1.1.4 for release.
2009-03-21 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Require gnome-keyring 2.26.0, since we were depending on an
unreleased trunk revision between 2.25.91 and 2.26.0.
2009-03-20 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[GTK] Misc patches for WebKitWebHistoryItem
Added build support for build the WebKitWebHistoryItem unit test.
2009-03-20 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Separate gtk unit tests
Build the unit tests accordingly.
2009-03-17 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
Enable HTML5 media elements support by default in the GTK+ port.
2009-03-17 Mike Hommey <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Do not export cti* symbols.
* autotools/symbols.filter:
2009-03-15 Xan Lopez <>
Bump version to 1.1.3 for release and fix soversion
calculation (oops). Thanks to Frederik Himpe for pointing this
2009-03-15 Xan Lopez <>
Bump version and libtool version for release.
2009-03-14 Xan Lopez <>
No review, build fix.
Split clean rules to make distcheck pass.
2009-03-13 Mark Rowe <>
Reviewed by Dan Bernstein.
Remove rarely used Makefile targets from the Makefile.
There are many situations in which the targets don't work as expected,
and their primary use is addressed by having the build system default
to building the appropriate architecture.
* Makefile.shared:
2009-03-11 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[Gtk] Fix make clean targets
Fix 'make' clean targets. We shouldn't be removing DerivedSources
if it's only clean. Only remove it if it's distclean or
maintainer-clean. Also remove build-related auxillary files on
dist/maintainer clean.
2009-03-11 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther
[GTK]DumpRenderTree doesn't compile for non-X11 GTK ports anymore
pangoft2 is also used in directfb builds so use it for all targets
2009-03-02 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
[GTK] Move auth dialog feature to WebKit/
Add WebKitSoupAuthDialog files to build.
2009-03-03 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Alexey Proskuryakov.
[Gtk] Implement WebKitDownload
Adding new files related to WebKitDownload to the GTK+ port.
2009-03-02 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Unreviewed build fix; adding missing files to EXTRA_DIST, so that
they show up in the tarball.
2009-03-01 Christian Dywan <>
* Bump GTK port version to 1.1.1.
2009-02-27 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Unreviewed build fix. Adding the WebKit/gtk/webkitmarshal.list
file to EXTRA_DIST to fix make dist.
2009-02-26 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[GTK] Missing HTTP Auth challenge
Add HTTP authentication dialog with optional GNOME Keyring
2009-02-26 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[GTK] Missing HTTP Auth challenge
Take marshallers to be built from a manually maintained list
instead of grepping the sources.
It's much faster, especially so now that we want to add
marshallers from WebCore too. A system to only take into account
the modified files when generating the marshallers from sources
could be hacked, but I think it's overkill considering how rarely
a new marshaller is added.
2009-02-24 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alexey Proskuryakov.
[Gtk] add options for 3D transforms and HTML5 channel messaging to the build
Add options for toggling 3D transforms and HTML5 channel messaging
support on or off.
Also fix the web-workers option. It should be web-workers and not workers.
2009-02-23 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Alexey Proskuryakov.
[SOUP][GTK] Need API to get SoupSession from WebKit.
Remove CURL support, the only supported HTTP backend is SOUP now.
2009-02-19 Christian Dywan <>
Rubber-stamped by Holger Freyther.
Underlinking in Programs_UnitTests (GTK+ build)
* Add GLIB_LIBS to unit test library flags.
2009-02-18 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Fix symbols.filter location, and add other missing files to the
autotools build, so that make dist works.
2009-02-17 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Alexey Proskuryakov.
Release build being built with debugging symbols
* Revert change done in revision 40790, since we
already have a AC_PROG_CXX macro call as part of WEBKIT_INIT
2009-02-12 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
* Make soup the default HTTP backend for the Gtk port.
2009-02-09 Calvin Walton <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[Gtk] Fix build with recent autotools
Current versions of automake/libtool don't assume you want C++ enabled
by default any more, so explicitly check for a C++ compiler.
* Add AC_PROG_CXX macro
2009-02-02 Christian Dywan <>
Rubber-stamped by Holger Freyther.
Don't require Geolocation by default.
2009-01-30 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Nikolas Zimmermann.
[Gtk] Refactor autoconf/ in preparation for jsc and webkit build splits
* acinclude.m4: Removed.
* autotools/acinclude.m4: Added.
* autotools/dolt.m4: Added.
* autotools/symbols.filter: Renamed from symbols.filter.
* autotools/webkit.m4: Added.
2009-01-30 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Reviewed by Nikolas Zimmermann.
[GTK] Implement GeolocationService using the Geoclue library
Untested implementation of the GeolocationService using the geoclue
library. Velocity handling is completely missing and the accuracy
handling might be wrong.
2009-01-11 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Bump version to 1.1.0 since we are breaking ABI and adding new
major features.
2008-12-19 Marco Barisione <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[gtk] Implement WebPolicyDelegate methods
Original work by Pierre-Luc Beaudoin. Final touches by Gustavo
This implements the delegates methods of WebPolicyDelegate.
Since Gtk+/C doesn't have delegate methods, they are replaced with
A new object WebKitWebPolicyDecision allows the browser to delay its
response in certain cases. WebKitWebNavigationAction contains the
information about what caused a navigation request.
* Add new files
2008-12-19 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Use ustar tar format for WebKit/GTK+'s make dist target, so that
storing files whose filenames are > 99 is possible.
2008-12-19 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Fix the jit compilation on i*686 on Linux by using the va_list
to pass arguments to the CTI. This is done on the MAC as well
and sunspider and javascriptcore seem to work with that.
2008-12-18 Pamela Greene <>
Submitted without review.
Right, remove the whole misplaced directory, not just the tests.
* fast: Removed.
* fast/dom: Removed.
2008-12-18 Pamela Greene <>
Submitted without review.
Moving layout test into LayoutTests where it belongs.
* fast/dom/setter-type-enforcement-expected.txt: Removed.
* fast/dom/setter-type-enforcement.html: Removed.
2008-12-15 Daniel Macks <>
Reviewed by Darin Adler.
Default to use external libicu-config if avail on all platforms.
2008-12-12 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Back out r39222 as this is breaking the build on Gentoo (aclocal-1.10)
The m4 directory does not exist and we now have a compile issue on
Gentoo systems.
2008-12-11 Daniel Macks <>
Reviewed by Darin Adler.
Put libtool macro files in subdir that it wants.
2008-12-07 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
[Gtk+] Use glib's unit test facilities to test the WebKit/Gtk+ API
Add the skeleton to WebKit/gtk/tests and integrate that into the
buildsystem. Testing support was added in glib 2.16. For versions
using glib < 2.16 we compile an empty application.
2008-12-07 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Reviewed by Cameron Zwarich.
When building the jit on i*86 also enable the above optimizations.
2008-12-03 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Tor Arne Vestbø.
Fix the build of WebKit inside Qt by making sure that qmake generators
that do not produce generated sources (i.e. cpp files) are not
included in SOURCES.
* WebKit.pri:
2008-12-02 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Tor Arne Vestbø.
Removed JavaScriptCore from SUBDIRS as it's not built separately
2008-11-28 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed and slightly modified by Holger Freyther.
Added the new WebKitGtk files to be built:
2008-11-26 Kalle Vahlman <>
Reviewed by Darin Adler. Landed by Jan Alonzo.
Bison versions under 2.2 produce crashing CSSGrammar code for ARM
Check for bison version 2.2 or greater on ARM. Earlier versions produce
code that crashes on ARM devices.
2008-11-25 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Reviewed by David Kilzer.
Add Geolocation support to the
Add an option to build WebKit/Gtk+ with Geolocation. The
implementation will be using Gypsy.
2008-11-24 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
[Gtk+] Add configure option to enable Web Workers and enable it by default
Add --enable-workers to the buildsystem (used by build-webkit) add
the to be build files to the and change build-webkit
to enable Web Workers by default.
2008-09-09 Joerg Bornemann <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
Steps towards making the Qt port of WebKit compile on Windows CE
* don't build DumpRenderTree on all Win32 platforms
2008-11-17 Nikolas Zimmermann <>
Reviewed by George Staikos.
Add WML build support for Gtk as well.
2008-11-16 Geoffrey Garen <>
Not reviewed.
Try to fix gtk build.
2008-11-10 Tor Arne Vestbø <>
Rubber-stamped by Simon Hausmann.
Distinguish between building from trunk and as part of Qt
* WebKit.pri:
2008-11-10 Morten Sørvig <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
Make tests/auto/qwebframe compile on Qt/Mac.
* WebKit.pri: Fix linkage against QtWebKit when compiled as framework.
2008-11-06 Cameron Zwarich <>
Not reviewed.
Speculatively fix the GTK build.
2008-11-06 Alp Toker <>
GTK build fix for r38155. create_hash_table was moved out of kjs/
2008-11-06 Cameron Zwarich <>
Rubber-stamped by Sam Weinig.
Correct the reference to in to match its new
location in the root directory of JavaScriptCore.
2008-11-03 Alp Toker <>
autotools distcleancheck fix. Add dolt-generated files and
webkitenumtypes.h to the list of files that need to be cleaned.
2008-11-03 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Holger Freyther.
Do not enable RTTI or exceptions in debug builds, matching release
builds. They don't help much with debugging and significantly slow
down and increase the size of the debug build.
2008-11-03 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Holger Freyther.
Add mingw32 case to dolt for faster GTK+ Windows builds.
* acinclude.m4:
2008-11-02 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther
HTML5 Video with GStreamer pulls gnome-vfs without using it.
Remove gnome-vfs from, it's unused.
2008-10-30 Alp Toker <>
doltlibtool bug with bash 3.0
autotools dolt build fix for bash version 3.0 and older. Remove
concatenation syntax from doltlibtool to support the older versions
which don't have '+='.
* acinclude.m4:
2008-10-30 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Oliver Hunt.
autotools build system change to enable JIT features by default. Can
be disabled with --disable-jit (and is disabled automatically on
unsupported platforms).
2008-10-30 Alp Toker <>
Bump WebKit GTK+ version to 1.0.3.
2008-10-29 Gustavo Noronha Silva <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Added all the files that need to be installed for the Inspector to
2008-10-29 Mike Hommey <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Test presence and link against libpng.
2008-10-29 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
Add --enable-optimizations to enable optimized builds. The default
is to enable it for release builds, and disabled for debug builds.
This option will allow builders to have a debug as well as
optimized builds.
2008-10-28 Mike Hommey <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[GTK] libwebkit doesn't link against libpangoft2
Add pkg-config check for pangoft2 which provides
pango_fc_font_description_from_pattern() used in the FreeType font
2008-10-28 Alp Toker <>
Include copyright license files in the autotools dist target.
Change suggested by Mike Hommey.
2008-10-25 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Gtk build fix: add '-' to Wl which was missed in r36845
2008-10-22 Alp Toker <>
Fix build for Cairo 1.2.
2008-10-20 Alp Toker <>
Partial GTK+/Win32 build fix. Lowercase library name to enable linking
when cross-compiling Windows binaries from Linux: -lWs2_32 -> -lws2_32
2008-10-13 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ build fix: Ensure correct builds when debugging is
enabled/disabled by defining NDEBUG in autotoolsconfig.h as needed.
It's still passed as a compiler flag since some sources (DRT) don't
use config.h yet.
2008-10-09 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
Implement support for x86 Linux in CTI
Prepare to enable CTI/WREC on supported architectures. Will be
switched on when the crasher introduced in r37386 is resolved.
2008-10-07 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ build fix for older automake versions (1.7). Discussed in bug
2008-10-07 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
[GTK] Auto-generate JS DOM binding sources list
Remove the huge lists of generated DOM binding sources and headers in
the build system. These are difficult to maintain and can be derived
The new strategy is to re-use the existing lists of IDL sources (which
are needed for dist support anyway). This will also ease the addition
of new language bindings.
2008-09-27 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[Gtk] disable plugins for gtk/directfb target
Introduce WTF_PLATFORM_X11 for X11 builds.
Also use target-specific packages when building the port
* Do not check for cairo-ft for directfb builds.
2008-09-27 Marco Barisione <>
Reviewed by Holger Freyther.
[GTK][AUTOTOOLS] Enable large file support at configure time
* Enable large file support with AC_SYS_LARGEFILE.
2008-09-23 Richard Hult <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker. Landed by Jan Alonzo.
[Gtk] Link error on Mac OS X
* Only use the -version-script flag for the gnu
* Check for GNU OSes.
2008-09-19 Alp Toker <>
Build fix for the 'gold' linker and recent binutils. New behaviour
requires that we link to used libraries explicitly.
2008-09-04 Marco Barisione <>
Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
[GTK][AUTOTOOLS] Include autotoolsconfig.h from config.h
* Rename the configuration header from aconfig.h to autotoolsconfig.h.
2008-08-28 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ dist/build fix. List newly added header files.
2008-08-27 Mike Hommey <>
Reviewed by Holger.
* symbols.filter: Added.
2008-08-10 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed (and updated) by Alp Toker.
[GTK] Autotools make dist and make check support
Get make dist working.
Note that not all possible configurations have been tested yet.
2008-08-09 Marco Barisione <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[gtk] ./configure doesn't check for x toolkit availability
Some old versions of Xt do not provide xt.pc, in this case use
AC_CHECK_LIB to check if the library is installed and then fall back
to using just -lXt.
2008-08-09 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ build fixes.
Back out r20338 libxslt check (conditional check already exists and
this broke the build).
Make the flex version check a warning rather than fatal to fix the
build bot.
2008-08-08 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
[Gtk] Autotools should check for libxslt
Autotools check for libxslt
2008-08-07 Kalle Vahlman <>
Reviewed by David Kilzer.
Check for correct flex version to avoid faulty builds
A correct Webkit build requires flex 2.5.33 but autotools build doesn't check for it
acinclude.m4: Import AX_COMPARE_VERSION macro Check for flex version
* acinclude.m4:
2008-08-07 Simon Hausmann <>
Rubber-stamped by Lars.
Added API tests for QWebPage/QWebFrame based on QTestLib.
* Add WebKit/qt/tests to the build.
2008-08-06 Marco Barisione <>
Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
[GTK] Makefile rules for the enum GTypes files depend on Makefile
instead of GNUmakefile
The patch committed in revision 34649 added the code needed to
generate GTypes for enums but the makefile rules for
stamp-webkitenumtypes.h and webkitenumtypes.cpp were depending on
Makefile (used by other ports) instead of GNUmakefile.
* Depend on GNUmakefile instead of Makefile.
2008-08-05 Marco Barisione <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[gtk] ./configure doesn't check for x toolkit availability
Check for the .pc file for Xt instead of hard coding -lXt in the
Thanks to Dominik Röttsches for the initial patch.
2008-07-30 Marco Barisione <>
Reviewed by Holger.
[GTK] Auto generate webkitmarshal.list
Auto generate webkitmarshal.list from source files to reduce the
number of conflicts when merging git branches or when applying
Also rename webkit-marshal.* to webkitmarshal.* for consistency.
2008-07-25 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
Copy the way Gtk detects jpeglib. Hinted by Wouter Bolsterlee.
[Gtk] Improve detection jpeglib
2008-07-25 Simon Hausmann <>
Discussed with and rubber-stamped by Lars.
Fix the build system for the Qt port.
Recent JavaScriptCore changes require the addition of JavaScriptCore/API to the
include search path. With a build process that combines JavaScriptCore and
WebCore in one build process/Makefile the existance of
JavaScriptCore/API/Node.h and WebCore/dom/Node.h causes include conflicts.
This commit solves this by introducing a separate build of JavaScriptCore into
a static library.
As a result of the split-up a race-condition due to broken dependencies of
regular source files to header files of generated sources showed up very
frequently when doing parallel builds (which the buildbot does). This commit at
the same time tries to address the dependency problem by making the
addExtraCompiler() function also generate a pseudo extra compiler that
represents the header file output, so that qmake is aware of the creation of
the header file for dependency calculation.
At the same time I removed a lot of cruft from the pro files to ease maintenance.
* WebKit.pri:
2008-06-18 Marco Barisione <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[GTK] GTypes for enumerations
Generate GTypes for public enumerations so they can be used as
* Generate webkit-enum-types.cpp and
2008-06-16 Simon Hausmann <>
Fix the Qt build. is now called
2008-06-15 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Maciej.
Install 'jsc' application by default.
2008-06-08 Alp Toker <>
autotools/GTK+ build system cleanup. Don't include WebKit API in the
WebCore build as it's no longer needed since r34426.
2008-06-08 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Mark Rowe.
Bring back -fstrict-aliasing for JavaScriptCore which was removed in
r31821, since aliasing issues have now been fixed.
Use -O3, not -O2 for the JavaScriptCore build.
2008-06-05 Christian Dywan <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Please add a version to the Gtk port
2008-06-02 Alp Toker <>
GTK+/autotools Windows build system fixes.
2008-06-02 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Build WebCore GTK+ sources as part of WebCore, not WebKit.
Split common and GTK+-specific sources into separate file lists.
2008-06-01 Josh Triplett <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[GTK] autotools build is slow
Add dolt revision 5e9eef10 to the autotools build system. Speeds up
the build, often by a factor of two or more on supported platforms,
otherwise falls back to libtool.
See for details.
* acinclude.m4: Added.
2008-05-25 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[Gtk] Remove build options --svg-experimental and --cross-document-messaging
2008-05-24 Alp Toker <>
GTK+/Win32 build fixes. Link against Windows ICU without using
icu-config since it's not available on that platform.
Link against Ws2_32 when the curl http backend is chosen since we
use select() directly.
2008-05-23 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ fixes for building without database support.
2008-05-20 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Fix for previous autotools change.
2008-05-20 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp.
[Gtk] Autotools should match build-webkit default flags
2008-05-19 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ build fix for Mac/Win. Don't check for FreeType/FontConfig when
the Pango font backend is selected.
2008-05-16 Julien Chaffraix <>
Reviewed by Eric.
Preparatory work for bug 9191: JS*ElementWrapperFactory should be autogenerated
* Add HTML_FLAGS and set it when video is enabled.
2008-05-15 Ariya Hidayat <>
Reviewed by Simon.
Since WebKitGtk is fully using autotools now, clean-up the .pro/.pri files
from gtk-port.
* WebKit.pri:
2008-05-09 Anders Carlsson <>
Reviewed by Mark.
Add x86_64 rule.
* Makefile:
2008-05-09 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Holger.
Removed explicit linkage against libxml and libxslt on Qt/Mac builds.
This dependency is completely unnecessary here and creates only problems by
propagating through over libQtWebKit.prl right now customer
* WebKit.pri:
2008-05-02 Anders Carlsson <>
Reviewed by Mark.
Add an "x86_64" make rule.
* Makefile.shared:
2008-05-02 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Eric.
Enable dashboard and offline web apps in autotools
2008-05-01 Marc Ordinas i Llopis <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Added support for NPAPI plugins on Gtk and Qt-x11 ports.
* Added Xt library.
2008-04-29 David Kilzer <>
* Added conditional for ENABLE_DASHBOARD_SUPPORT.
2008-04-22 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ debug build fix for changes in r32257.
2008-04-18 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[GTK] Autotools make dist and make check support
2008-04-11 Mark Rowe <>
Rubber-stamped by Antti Koivisto.
* Disable a warning that GCC 4.3 triggers all over the show.
2008-04-17 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ build fix. Back out the libjpeg check part of r32008 from bug
#17865 (reopened).
2008-04-17 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[Gtk] Improve detection of jpeglib and glib tools
Improve detecting jpeglib and glib tools
* Throw an error if the dependencies above are
currently not installed
2008-04-14 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Bug 17917: Cookie support for HTTP soup backend
Bumped the libsoup required version to 2.23 for cookie support.
2008-04-11 Mark Rowe <>
Rubber-stamped by Anders Carlsson.
Bug 18430: SIGSEGV on amd64 when built with gcc 4.3
GCC 4.3 generates bad code in some instances when working with our HashTables
as some of the HashTable code violates the strict aliasing requirements. Since
GCC 4.2 this code has generated warnings when -fstrict-aliasing is enabled. Until
the code can be fixed to be safe with strict aliasing enabled, we will disable
strict aliasing.
2008-03-12 Michael Emmel <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Fix leaving spaces before parens in functions
* WebKitTools/Scripts/wkstyle:
2008-04-07 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Build fix, rubber-stamped and landed by ap.
* Add autoconf flag for HTML5 client-side session and persistent storage support.
2008-03-21 Rodney Dawes <>
Reviewed by Holger.
Remove the JSCore include path options from global_cppflags.
Place JSCore include path options in javascriptcore_cppflags.
Add javascriptcore_cppflags to libWebCore_la_CPPFLAGS.
2008-03-20 Jasper Bryant-Greene <>
Reviewed by Anders.
"[GTK] Middle-mouse click should allow opening a URL in a new tab"
Added WebKitNavigationAction object to GTK API
2008-03-12 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Add optional font backend support with freetype and pango
backends. Default is freetype for now.
Original patch by Sven Herzberg <>
2008-03-11 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Add support for multiple http backends, and add soup backend (off by default).
2008-03-07 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Darin Adler.
Done with Lars.
Added plugins subdirectory to the include path.
* WebKit.pri:
2008-03-09 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ build fix for r30913.
Use UNICODE_CFLAGS for C++ sources as well as C sources.
2008-03-09 Jörg Billeter <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Conditionalise ICU for Unicode in the GTK+ port.
2008-03-03 Brent Fulgham <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Build GTK on Mac OS X using native ICU library
Use Apple native ICU libraries when building GTK
webkit on Mac OS.
2008-03-02 Brent Fulgham <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Add ICU_CPPFLAGS earlier in include path for WebCore
so that we find $(icu_cppflags)/unicode/utf8.h, rather than
the wtf/unicode/UTF8.h on case-insensitive file systems.
2008-03-02 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
Split the WebKit GTK+ build out of the WebCore build and change the
shared object name to match the package name.
2008-02-28 Alp Toker <>
Fix a configure script typo spotted by Kalle Vahlman.
2008-02-26 Timothy Hatcher <>
Reviewed by Darin Adler.
Add "64" and "64u" make rules to allow easy building of 64-bit versions.
make 64: will build Intel-only 64-bit.
make 64u: will build 4-way universal for PPC and Intel.
* Makefile:
* Makefile.shared:
2008-02-23 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Rubber stamped by Darin Adler.
Add separator '\' after libJavaScriptCore_la_LIBADD and cleanup
whitespaces introduced in the previous commit.
2008-02-23 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Rubber-stamped by Darin Adler.
* Break dependent modules into GLOBALDEPS and WEBKITDEPS.
2008-02-21 Alp Toker <>
Fix a configure script typo.
2008-02-21 Alp Toker <>
GTK+/autotools SVG experimental build fix
Don't enable SVG filters in --enable-svg-experimental.
This feature isn't supported at all yet. Developers can enable it
explicitly by passing --enable-svg-filters if needed.
2008-02-21 Mike Auty <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[GTK] WebKit doesn't compile with LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed"
The files make use of the LDFLAGS variable to include library
additions such as -ljpeg etc. Unfortunately, if these inclusions aren't made
in LIBADD/LDADD variables, then they are mis-ordered during the linking.
The as-needed flag discards libraries whose functions have not been needed by
earlier libraries, which therefore makes the ordering important.
This moves all -l library inclusion statements from LDFLAGS variables to
LIBADD/LDADD variables.
2008-02-15 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Holger.
GTK+ configure script cleanups
Categorize the configuration summary printout.
Bump GTK+ requirement to 2.8.
Rename 'webkit_target' to just 'target'.
Don't check for pthread on Win32.
2008-02-14 Adam Roben <>
Turn on cross-document messaging support by default
Reviewed by Darin Adler.
2008-02-14 Adam Roben <>
Conditionalize cross-document messaging support
The cross-document messaging parts of HTML 5 are in flux and we want
ports to be able to turn off the support as needed.
Note that the support is turned off by default right now. A subsequent
commit will turn it on by default.
Reviewed by Darin Adler.
2008-02-12 Rodney Dawes <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Add a --with-hildon argument to for adding MAEMO_CHANGES
to the CPPFLAGS for WebCore and WebKit
Add a pkgconfig check for hildon-1 when --with-hildon specified
Output the use of Hildon support in the summary
Add HILDON_CPPFLAGS to webkitgtk_cppflags
Add HILDON_LIBS to libWebKitGtk_la_LDFLAGS
2008-02-08 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Maciej.
Bump autoconf CAIRO_REQUIRED_VERSION up to 1.4.
2008-02-06 Timothy Hatcher <>
Rubber-stamped by Mark Rowe.
Dump of's Bugzilla instance.
* BugsSite: Added.
* BugsSite/.htaccess: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla: Added.
* BugsSite/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/.cvsignore: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/.htaccess: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/Login: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/Login/WWW: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/Login/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/Login/WWW/CGI: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/Login/WWW/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/Login/WWW/CGI/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/Login/WWW/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/README: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/Verify: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/Verify/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Auth/Verify/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/DB: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/DB/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/DB/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/DB/Schema: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/DB/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/DB/Schema/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/DB/Schema/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Template: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Template/Plugin: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Template/Plugin/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Template/Plugin/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/Template/Plugin/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/User: Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/User/ Added.
* BugsSite/Bugzilla/ Added.
* BugsSite/ Added.
* BugsSite/PrettyPatch: Added.
* BugsSite/PrettyPatch/PrettyPatch.rb: Added.
* BugsSite/PrettyPatch/prettify.rb: Added.
* BugsSite/QUICKSTART: Added.
* BugsSite/README: Added.
* BugsSite/UPGRADING: Added.
* BugsSite/UPGRADING-pre-2.8: Added.
* BugsSite/ant.jpg: Added.
* BugsSite/attachment-aroben.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/attachment.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/buglist.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/bugzilla.dtd: Added.
* BugsSite/chart.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/ Added.
* BugsSite/colchange.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/ Added.
* BugsSite/config.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/README: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/README.Mailif: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/bugmail_help.html: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/bugzilla-submit: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/bugzilla-submit/README: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/bugzilla-submit/bugdata.txt: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/bugzilla-submit/bugzilla-submit: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/bugzilla-submit/bugzilla-submit.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/bugzilla.procmailrc: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/bugzilla_ldapsync.rb: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/cmdline: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/cmdline/bugcount: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/cmdline/bugids: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/cmdline/buglist: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/cmdline/bugs: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/cmdline/bugslink: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/cmdline/makequery: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/cmdline/query.conf: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/gnatsparse: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/gnatsparse/README: Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/gnatsparse/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/gnatsparse/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/gnatsparse/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/contrib/ Added.
* BugsSite/createaccount.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/data: Added.
* BugsSite/data/.htaccess: Added.
* BugsSite/data/attachments: Added.
* BugsSite/data/attachments/.htaccess: Added.
* BugsSite/data/duplicates: Added.
* BugsSite/data/mail: Added.
* BugsSite/data/mimedump-tmp: Added.
* BugsSite/data/mining: Added.
* BugsSite/data/nomail: Added.
* BugsSite/data/params: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/auth: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/auth/ldap-error.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/auth/login-small.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/auth/login.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/cancel-token.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/email: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/email/change-new.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/email/change-old.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/email/confirm.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/exists.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/password: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/password/forgotten-password.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/password/set-forgotten-password.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/prefs: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/prefs/account.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/prefs/email.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/prefs/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/prefs/permissions.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/prefs/prefs.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/prefs/saved-searches.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/account/prefs/settings.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/classifications: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/add.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/del.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/new.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/reclassify.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/select.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/update.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/components: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/components/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/components/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/components/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/components/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/components/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/components/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/components/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/components/select-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/components/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/select-field.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/flag-type: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/flag-type/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/flag-type/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/flag-type/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/groups: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/groups/change.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/groups/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/groups/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/groups/delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/groups/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/groups/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/groups/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/groups/remove.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/keywords: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/rebuild-cache.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/milestones: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/select-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/products: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/products/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/products/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/products/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/products/groupcontrol: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/products/groupcontrol/confirm-edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/products/groupcontrol/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/products/list-classifications.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/products/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/settings: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/settings/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/settings/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/users: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/users/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/users/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/users/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/users/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/users/listselectvars.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/users/search.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/users/userdata.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/versions: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/versions/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/versions/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/versions/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/versions/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/versions/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/versions/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/versions/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/versions/select-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/admin/versions/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/choose.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/content-types.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/diff-file.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/diff-footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/diff-header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/show-multiple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/attachment/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/activity: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/activity/show.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/activity/table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/choose.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/comments.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/create: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/create/comment-guided.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/create/comment.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/create/create-guided.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/create/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/create/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/create/make-template.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/create/user-message.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/dependency-graph.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/dependency-tree.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/knob.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/navigate.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/process: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/process/bugmail.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/process/confirm-duplicate.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/process/header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/process/midair.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/process/next.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/process/results.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/process/verify-new-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/show-multiple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/show.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/show.xml.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/summarize-time.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/time.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/votes: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/votes/delete-all.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/votes/list-for-bug.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/bug/votes/list-for-user.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/config.js.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/config.rdf.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/flag: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/flag/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/banner.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/choose-classification.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/choose-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/code-error.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/confirm-user-match.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/field-descs.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/help-header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/help.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/hidden-fields.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/initialize.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/message.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/messages.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/select-menu.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/setting-descs.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/site-navigation.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/useful-links.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/user-error.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/userselect.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/global/variables.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/index.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/change-columns.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/edit-multiple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/list-simple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/list.csv.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/list.ics.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/list.js.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/list.rdf.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/list.rss.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/quips.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/server-push.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/list/table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/pages: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/pages/bug-writing.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/pages/fields.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/pages/linked.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/pages/linkify.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/pages/voting.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/chart.csv.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/chart.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/chart.png.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/components.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/create-chart.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/duplicates-simple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/duplicates-table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/duplicates.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/duplicates.rdf.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/edit-series.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/keywords.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/menu.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/report-bar.png.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/report-line.png.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/report-pie.png.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/report-simple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/report-table.csv.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/report-table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/report.csv.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/report.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/series-common.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/reports/series.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/request: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/request/email.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/request/queue.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/boolean-charts.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/form.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/knob.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/search-advanced.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/search-create-series.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/search-help.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/search-report-graph.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/search-report-select.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/search-report-table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/search-specific.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/search/tabs.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/sidebar.xul.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/whine: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/whine/mail.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/whine/mail.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/whine/multipart-mime.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/custom/whine/schedule.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/default: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/default/attachment: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/default/attachment/edit-aroben.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/default/list: Added.
* BugsSite/data/template/template/en/default/list/list.atom.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.13P9L: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.1lH1E: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.3AnHd: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.3Jmjt: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.3JzIL: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.77b4y: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.7VzyU: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.EQdAm: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.EouAG: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.LJ5n1: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.Lb0fW: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.PyAd8: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.SFyse: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.SkTTg: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.VVO7E: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.XbxgU: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.Yezqr: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.dtzIv: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.jzpeh: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.pbn6U: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.qyixS: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.sBMdb: Added.
* BugsSite/data/versioncache.xNi34: Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot: Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/.htaccess: Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/data/webdot/ Added.
* BugsSite/ Added.
* BugsSite/describecomponents.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/describekeywords.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/describekeywords.cgi.bak: Added.
* BugsSite/docs: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/.cvsignore: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/ Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/Bugzilla-Guide.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/about.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/administration.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/bug_page.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/bugreports.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/cmdline-bugmail.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/cmdline.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/components.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/configuration.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/conventions.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/copyright.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/credits.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/cust-change-permissions.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/cust-hooks.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/cust-templates.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/customization.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/dbdoc.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/dbmodify.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/disclaimer.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/extraconfig.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/faq.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/flags-overview.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/flags.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/general-advice.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-0.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-1.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-10.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-2.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-3.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-4.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-5.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-6.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-7.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-8.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-9.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl-howto.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/gfdl.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/glossary.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/groups.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/hintsandtips.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/index.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/install-perlmodules-manual.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/installation.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/installing-bugzilla.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/integration.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/lifecycle.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/list.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/milestones.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/modules-manual-download.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/modules-manual-instructions.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/modules-manual-optional.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/myaccount.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/newversions.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/nonroot.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/os-specific.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/parameters.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/paranoid-security.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/patches.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/patchviewer.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/products.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/query.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/quips.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/reporting.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/security-bugzilla.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/security-mysql.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/security-os.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/security-webserver.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/security.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/trbl-bundlebugzilla.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/trbl-dbdsponge.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/trbl-index.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/trbl-passwd-encryption.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/trbl-perlmodule.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/trbl-relogin-everyone.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/trbl-testserver.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/trouble-filetemp.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/troubleshooting.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/upgrading.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/useradmin.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/userpreferences.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/using-intro.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/using.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/versions.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/voting.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/whining.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/html/x3190.html: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images/bzLifecycle.png: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images/bzLifecycle.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images/callouts: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images/callouts/1.gif: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images/callouts/2.gif: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images/callouts/3.gif: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images/caution.gif: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images/note.gif: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images/tip.gif: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/images/warning.gif: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/ Added.
* BugsSite/docs/pdf: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/pdf/Bugzilla-Guide.pdf: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/rel_notes.txt: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/txt: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/txt/Bugzilla-Guide.txt: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/Bugzilla-Guide.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/about.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/administration.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/conventions.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/customization.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/dbschema.mysql: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/faq.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/filetemp.patch: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/gfdl.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/glossary.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/index.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/installation.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/integration.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/introduction.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/modules.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/patches.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/requiredsoftware.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/security.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/troubleshooting.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/docs/xml/using.xml: Added.
* BugsSite/doeditparams.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/duplicates.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/duplicates.xul: Added.
* BugsSite/editclassifications.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editcomponents.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editflagtypes.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editgroups.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editkeywords.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editmilestones.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editparams.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editproducts.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editsettings.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editusers.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editvalues.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editversions.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/editwhines.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/enter_bug.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/favicon.ico: Added.
* BugsSite/ Added.
* BugsSite/graphs: Added.
* BugsSite/images: Added.
* BugsSite/images/padlock.png: Added.
* BugsSite/ Added.
* BugsSite/index.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/js: Added.
* BugsSite/js/duplicates.js: Added.
* BugsSite/js/productform.js: Added.
* BugsSite/localconfig.js: Added.
* BugsSite/long_list.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/ Added.
* BugsSite/page.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/post_bug.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/process_bug.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/productmenu.js: Added.
* BugsSite/query.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/quicksearch.html: Added.
* BugsSite/quicksearch.js: Added.
* BugsSite/quicksearchhack.html: Added.
* BugsSite/quips.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/relogin.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/report.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/reports.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/request.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/robots.txt: Added.
* BugsSite/ Added.
* BugsSite/sanitycheck.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/show_activity.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/show_bug.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/showattachment.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/showdependencygraph.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/showdependencytree.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/sidebar.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/skins: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/.cvsignore: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/admin.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/buglist.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/duplicates.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/editusers.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/global.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/index.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/opendarwin.gif: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/panel.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/show_multiple.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/summarize-time.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/custom/voting.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/admin.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/buglist.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/duplicates.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/editusers.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/global: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/global.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/global/body-back.gif: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/global/header.png: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/index: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/index.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/index/front.jpg: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/index/front.png: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/panel.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/show_multiple.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/summarize-time.css: Added.
* BugsSite/skins/standard/voting.css: Added.
* BugsSite/summarize_time.cgi: Added.
* BugsSite/t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/001compile.t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/002goodperl.t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/003safesys.t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/004template.t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/005no_tabs.t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/006spellcheck.t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/007util.t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/008filter.t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/009bugwords.t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/011pod.t: Added.
* BugsSite/t/Support: Added.
* BugsSite/t/Support/ Added.
* BugsSite/t/Support/ Added.
* BugsSite/t/Support/ Added.
* BugsSite/t/testchart.gif: Added.
* BugsSite/t/testchart.png: Added.
* BugsSite/t/testgd.png: Added.
* BugsSite/template: Added.
* BugsSite/template/.cvsignore: Added.
* BugsSite/template/.htaccess: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/.cvsignore: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/auth: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/auth/ldap-error.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/auth/login-small.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/auth/login.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/cancel-token.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/email: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/email/change-new.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/email/change-old.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/email/confirm.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/exists.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/password: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/password/forgotten-password.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/password/set-forgotten-password.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/prefs: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/prefs/account.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/prefs/email.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/prefs/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/prefs/permissions.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/prefs/prefs.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/prefs/saved-searches.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/account/prefs/settings.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/classifications: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/add.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/del.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/new.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/reclassify.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/select.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/classifications/update.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/components: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/components/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/components/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/components/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/components/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/components/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/components/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/components/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/components/select-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/components/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/select-field.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/fieldvalues/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/flag-type: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/flag-type/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/flag-type/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/flag-type/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/groups: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/groups/change.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/groups/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/groups/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/groups/delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/groups/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/groups/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/groups/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/groups/remove.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/keywords: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/keywords/rebuild-cache.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/milestones: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/select-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/milestones/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/products: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/products/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/products/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/products/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/products/groupcontrol: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/products/groupcontrol/confirm-edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/products/groupcontrol/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/products/list-classifications.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/products/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/settings: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/settings/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/settings/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/users: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/users/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/users/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/users/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/users/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/users/listselectvars.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/users/search.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/users/userdata.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/versions: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/versions/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/versions/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/versions/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/versions/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/versions/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/versions/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/versions/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/versions/select-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/admin/versions/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/choose.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/content-types.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/diff-file.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/diff-footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/diff-header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/show-multiple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/attachment/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/activity: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/activity/show.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/activity/table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/choose.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/comments.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/create: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/create/comment-guided.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/create/comment.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/create/create-guided.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/create/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/create/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/create/make-template.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/create/user-message.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/dependency-graph.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/dependency-tree.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/knob.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/navigate.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/process: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/process/bugmail.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/process/confirm-duplicate.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/process/header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/process/midair.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/process/next.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/process/results.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/process/verify-new-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/show-multiple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/show.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/show.xml.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/summarize-time.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/time.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/votes: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/votes/delete-all.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/votes/list-for-bug.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/bug/votes/list-for-user.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/config.js.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/config.rdf.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/ Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/flag: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/flag/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/banner.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/choose-classification.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/choose-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/code-error.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/confirm-user-match.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/field-descs.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/help-header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/help.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/hidden-fields.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/initialize.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/message.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/messages.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/select-menu.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/setting-descs.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/site-navigation.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/useful-links.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/user-error.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/userselect.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/global/variables.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/index.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/change-columns.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/edit-multiple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/list-simple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/list.csv.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/list.ics.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/list.js.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/list.rdf.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/list.rss.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/quips.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/server-push.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/list/table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/pages: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/pages/bug-writing.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/pages/fields.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/pages/linked.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/pages/linkify.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/pages/voting.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/chart.csv.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/chart.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/chart.png.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/components.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/create-chart.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/duplicates-simple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/duplicates-table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/duplicates.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/duplicates.rdf.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/edit-series.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/keywords.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/menu.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/report-bar.png.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/report-line.png.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/report-pie.png.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/report-simple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/report-table.csv.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/report-table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/report.csv.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/report.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/series-common.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/reports/series.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/request: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/request/email.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/request/queue.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/boolean-charts.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/form.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/knob.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/search-advanced.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/search-create-series.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/search-help.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/search-report-graph.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/search-report-select.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/search-report-table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/search-specific.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/search/tabs.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/sidebar.xul.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/whine: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/whine/mail.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/whine/mail.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/whine/multipart-mime.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/custom/whine/schedule.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/auth: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/auth/ldap-error.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/auth/login-small.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/auth/login.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/cancel-token.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/email: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/email/change-new.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/email/change-old.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/email/confirm.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/exists.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/password: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/password/forgotten-password.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/password/set-forgotten-password.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/prefs: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/prefs/account.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/prefs/email.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/prefs/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/prefs/permissions.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/prefs/prefs.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/prefs/saved-searches.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/account/prefs/settings.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/classifications: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/classifications/add.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/classifications/del.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/classifications/delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/classifications/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/classifications/new.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/classifications/reclassify.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/classifications/select.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/classifications/update.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/components: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/components/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/components/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/components/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/components/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/components/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/components/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/components/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/components/select-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/components/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/fieldvalues: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/fieldvalues/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/fieldvalues/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/fieldvalues/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/fieldvalues/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/fieldvalues/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/fieldvalues/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/fieldvalues/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/fieldvalues/select-field.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/fieldvalues/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/flag-type: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/flag-type/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/flag-type/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/flag-type/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/groups: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/groups/change.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/groups/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/groups/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/groups/delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/groups/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/groups/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/groups/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/groups/remove.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/keywords: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/keywords/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/keywords/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/keywords/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/keywords/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/keywords/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/keywords/rebuild-cache.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/milestones: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/milestones/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/milestones/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/milestones/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/milestones/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/milestones/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/milestones/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/milestones/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/milestones/select-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/milestones/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/products: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/products/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/products/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/products/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/products/groupcontrol: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/products/groupcontrol/confirm-edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/products/groupcontrol/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/products/list-classifications.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/products/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/settings: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/settings/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/settings/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/users: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/users/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/users/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/users/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/users/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/users/listselectvars.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/users/search.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/users/userdata.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/versions: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/versions/confirm-delete.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/versions/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/versions/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/versions/deleted.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/versions/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/versions/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/versions/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/versions/select-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/admin/versions/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/choose.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/content-types.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/diff-file.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/diff-footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/diff-header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/edit-aroben.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/show-multiple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/attachment/updated.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/activity: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/activity/show.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/activity/table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/choose.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/comments.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/create: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/create/comment-guided.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/create/comment.txt.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/create/create-guided.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/create/create.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/create/created.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/create/make-template.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/create/user-message.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/dependency-graph.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/dependency-tree.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/edit.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/knob.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/navigate.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/process: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/process/bugmail.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/process/confirm-duplicate.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/process/header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/process/midair.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/process/next.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/process/results.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/process/verify-new-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/show-multiple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/show.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/show.xml.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/summarize-time.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/time.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/votes: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/votes/delete-all.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/votes/list-for-bug.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/bug/votes/list-for-user.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/config.js.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/config.rdf.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/ Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/flag: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/flag/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/banner.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/choose-classification.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/choose-product.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/code-error.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/confirm-user-match.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/field-descs.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/footer.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/help-header.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/help.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/hidden-fields.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/initialize.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/message.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/messages.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/select-menu.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/setting-descs.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/site-navigation.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/useful-links.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/user-error.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/userselect.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/global/variables.none.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/index.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/change-columns.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/edit-multiple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/list-simple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/list.atom.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/list.csv.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/list.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/list.ics.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/list.js.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/list.rdf.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/quips.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/server-push.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/list/table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/pages: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/pages/bug-writing.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/pages/fields.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/pages/linked.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/pages/linkify.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/pages/voting.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/chart.csv.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/chart.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/chart.png.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/components.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/create-chart.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/duplicates-simple.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/duplicates-table.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/duplicates.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/duplicates.rdf.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/edit-series.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/keywords.html.tmpl: Added.
* BugsSite/template/en/default/reports/menu.html.tmpl: Added.
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2008-02-04 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker and Mark Rowe.
[GTK] build-webkit and run-webkit-tests autootools support
Add support for the autotools build to the WebKit build and test
2008-02-04 Rodney Dawes <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker and Mark Rowe.
Bug 17175: Use of C++ compiler flags in CFLAGS
Add global_cxxflags definition for inclusion in CXXFLAGS variables.
Only use -fno-rtti and $(SYMBOL_VISIBILITY_INLINES) with global_cxxflags as gcc complains they aren't valid for C.
2008-02-04 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Mark Rowe.
Remove all trailing whitespace in the GTK+ port and related
2008-01-31 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
Fix the pkg-config file to follow GTK+ package naming and versioning
Remove unneeded dependency listings.
2008-01-31 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Adam Roben.
[GTK] Header path should be webkit/webkit.h
Move the GTK+ API sources as needed and update the build systems.
* WebKit.pri:
2008-01-27 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[gtk] [request] add a webkit_gtk_page_go_to_history_item function
* Added webkitwebbackforwardlist and webkitwebhistoryitem
2008-01-26 Mark Rowe <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Bug 17007: [GTK] attempts to use "libtoolize" on the Mac
libtoolize is installed as glibtoolize on Mac OS X to avoid naming conflicts
with other system commands. Check for the presence of glibtoolize if libtoolize
cannot be found.
2008-01-23 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Mark Rowe.
Remove whitespace after -I in automake include lists.
2008-01-22 Christian Dywan <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[GTK] API: WebKitWebSettings is not usable
Implement WebKitWebSettings.
2008-01-22 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Lars.
Don't compile the ICO plugin when building against Qt >= 4.4
2008-01-21 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Get errors when cross-compile webkit-gtk
* added ICU_CPPFLAGS, removed ICU_CFLAGS
2008-01-19 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Add svg foreign object and svg experimental to the GTK+/autotools
build system.
2008-01-15 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Anders.
Make the HTTP backend configurable in the GTK+ port. curl is currently
the only option.
* WebKit.pri:
2008-01-15 Alp Toker <>
GTK+/autotools build fix for GCC < 4. Use the -fvisibility compiler
flags only when they're available.
Additionally, use -fvisibility-inlines-hidden in both debug and
release builds when available to match the Mac build.
2008-01-12 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
Hide non-public symbols in GTK+/autotools release builds.
2008-01-11 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.
Enable FastMalloc by default in GTK+/autotools and add a configure
2008-01-11 Luca Bruno <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[GTK] Bad autotools debug and video options
Fix some configure options.
2008-01-11 Mark Rowe <>
Attempt to fix the GTK+ and Qt builds.
2008-01-10 Alp Toker <>
SVG font build fix for GTK+/autotools.
2008-01-05 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Mark Rowe.
Fix configure script output with correct descriptions of the default
configuration options.
2008-01-05 Sylvain Pasche <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Allow invocation from a separate build directory.
2008-01-04 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Mark Rowe.
Remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE, as recommended by the automake manual. The
"rebuild rules" will now be enabled by default.
This obviates the need to pass '--enable-maintainer-mode' to
2008-01-02 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Rubber stamped by Alp.
Remove GDK_MULTIHEAD_SAFE and GTK_MULTIHEAD_SAFE because they break
the build. At least people doing a debug build on Ubuntu Hardy will see
the breakage. I was asked to leave the flags inside the files to ease future
* WebKit.pri:
2008-01-01 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ autotools build fix. Track changes in r29051, r29058 and pass the
correct parameter to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.
2007-12-30 Alp Toker <>
Build fix for older autoconf versions.
2007-12-29 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Enable Database, XPath and XSLT features by default
2007-12-29 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
autotools update and fixes
Various fixes to the autotools build
- Remove ICU_FLAGS because it adds -g in the CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS
- Fix clean rules (Rodney Dawes)
- Added webcore specific variables, remove STDINT_H and
PTHREAD_NP_H checks (already included in config.h)
- Loosen automake and aclocal requirement
- Workaround AC_PROG_CXX putting -g in CXXFLAGS. Only use -g
when doing a debug build (Rodney Dawes)
- Fix webkit target and remove traces of XBL
2007-12-27 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
[GTK] Check for deprecated API use (G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED etc.)
Added the flags mentioned in the bug only when doing 'debug'
builds. -DGST_DISABLE_DEPRECATED only added when video is enabled.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-12-26 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
Use autotools or GNU make as the build system for the GTK port
* Added.
* Added.
* Added.
2007-12-20 Alp Toker <>
Rubber-stamped by Maciej.
[GTK] Text is missing with old Pango version
Back out commits r28880, r28876, r28865, r28864 which added Pango font
selection support. These changes caused a regression where no text was
displayed with older Pango versions.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-12-19 Alp Toker <>
Remove the cairo-ft pkg-config check. The GTK+ port doesn't use
cairo-ft directly following changes in r28864.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-12-12 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
[GTK] Compiler flags for optimization
Use the compiler flags -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti.
This patch does not add all the flags discussed in the bug report,
only these two.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-12-04 Xan Lopez <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
GTK port needs DumpRenderTree implementation
Start work on the GTK+ DRT.
2007-11-30 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Adam Roben.
[GTK] Public API does not follow GTK+ conventions
Refactor the WebKit/GTK+ public API. Changes:
WebKitPage -> WebKitWebView
WebKitFrame -> WebKitWebFrame
Public API source and header names have been updated to mirror the API
The API is now kept in WebKit/gtk/WebView to match other ports in the
same class such as Mac and Win.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-11-26 Rodney Dawes <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
Set CONFIG option for the window system GTK+ is using
* WebKit.pri:
2007-11-22 Alp Toker <>
GTK+ build fix. Pass a correct LIBDIR value.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-11-20 Mark Rowe <>
Reviewed by Alp Toker.
* WebKit.pri: Add in -Wno-unused-parameter to silence warnings in WebCore.
2007-11-20 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
Clean up GTK+ port configuration.
Use similar compiler warning flags to the Mac build.
Add the qmake changes needed for DirectFB support.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-11-07 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Mark.
Add WebKit/qt/Api to the dependency path when building QtLauncher and DumpRenderTree.
That means that changes to the public API of the Qt port also trigger a rebuild of the tools.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-10-03 Lars Knoll <>
Signed off by olliej.
move WebKitQt to WebKit/qt for consistency with the other ports.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-10-03 Lars Knoll <>
Reviewed by olliej.
Move the Qt version of DRT into the correct place and put the binary into BUILDDIR/bin.
2007-09-29 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Reviewed by Mark.
Remove Bakefiles from svn.
* Bakefiles/Bakefiles.bkgen: Removed.
* Bakefiles/ChangeLog: Removed.
* Bakefiles/Readme.txt: Removed.
* Bakefiles/presets.bkl: Removed.
* Bakefiles/ Removed.
2007-09-20 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Rubber stamped by Adam.
Renamed files from *Gdk to *Gtk (see #14732) using the
work of Juan A. Suarez Romero as a base.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-07-29 Brian Mastenbrook <>
Build fix for WebKit/Gtk to compile on Fedora 7 as described in
* WebKit.pri: cairo-ft is used by the WebKit/Gtk port
2007-07-27 Simon Hausmann <>
Done with and reviewed by Lars and Zack.
Exclude DumpRenderTree from the Qt build on Windows for now.
2007-07-27 Simon Hausmann <>
Done with and reviewed by Lars and Zack.
Temporarily disable the ICO support for the Qt build on Windows.
2007-07-26 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Lars.
Use QMAKE_LIBDIR instead of QMAKE_LFLAGS to specify the library search path for QtWebKit, as the former is portable and correctly transformed to /LIBPATH: with msvc for example.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-07-22 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Reviewed by Adam.
Add WebKit/gtk/Api and WebCoreSupport API to the INCLUDEPATH to allow GdkLauncher to be
build against it.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-07-18 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Zack.
Don't call gcc directly when building the dftables tool but use a separate .pro file for the Qt build.
2007-07-18 Timothy Hatcher <>
Add a SCRIPTS_PATH variable so Makefiles of differnet nested directories can
still use this one Makefile.shared as an include.
* Makefile.shared:
2007-07-12 George Staikos <>
Fix build in debug mode.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-07-11 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Reviewed by Darin Adler.
As of move the
WebCore/ForwardingHeader/JavaScriptCore to JavaScriptCore
* WebKit.pri: Adjust INCLUDEPATH
2007-06-25 Adam Roben <>
Really remove LayoutTestResults.
* LayoutTestResults: Removed.
2007-06-25 Adam Roben <>
Fix Bug 14405: LayoutTestResults/qt should be in LayoutTests/qt
Reviewed by Anders.
* LayoutTestResults: Removed.
2007-06-25 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Mark.
Use system-provided libjpeg and libpng
* WebKit.pri: Link against external libjpeg and libpng.
2007-06-20 Adam Roben <>
Reviewed by Simon Hausmann.
More Gdk build fixing.
2007-06-15 Adam Treat <>
Reviewed by George Staikos.
Add ICO support to the Qt build.
2007-06-13 George Staikos <>
Reviewed by Lars.
Compile without self-linking.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-06-13 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Lars.
* WebKit.pri: WebKitQt is now called QtWebKit.
2007-05-31 Alp Toker <>
Reviewed by Eric Seidel.
Rename WebCore/platform/network/gdk to WebCore/platform/network/curl
* WebKit.pri:
2007-05-18 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
* Build testkjs for Gdk and Qt
2007-05-11 Holger Freyther <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
Move libcurl configuration into WebKit.pri so it will be used by GdkLauncher,
and add ICU configuration to QMAKE_CXXFLAGS.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-05-06 Erik Bunce <>
Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
* WebKit.pri:
Removed unnecessary dependency on MacPorts (/opt/local)
2007-05-03 Holger Freyther <>
Reviewed by Zack, landed by Simon.
This is bugzilla bug 13499.
* WebKit.pri: Place Qt into a scope, start sharing qmake with the Gdk
* Place Qt into a scope, start sharing qmake with the Gdk
2007-04-27 Holger Freyther <>
Reviewed by Maciej.
Remove unmaintained CMake build system.
* CMakeLists.txt: Removed.
2007-01-30 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Zack.
* WebKit.pri: libJavaScriptCore is gone with the Qt build
2007-01-26 George Staikos <>
Remove headers - not needed now.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-01-23 George Staikos <>
Put everything back since we can't build everything without it yet.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-01-16 Lars Knoll <>
Reviewed by Zack
Remove everything but the new public API from
the include path.
* WebKit.pri:
2007-01-11 George Staikos <>
Fix the Qt build
* WebKit.pri:
2007-01-03 Lars Knoll <>
Fix the Qt build
* WebKit.pri:
2006-12-17 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Rob Buis.
* Build testkjs.
2006-12-14 Timothy Hatcher <>
Reviewed by Brady.
* Makefile.shared: use $PIPESTATUS[0] and a sub-shell to exit with xcodebuild's exit status
2006-12-13 Maciej Stachowiak <>
Reviewed by Brady and Anders.
* Makefile.shared: Stop spewing the environment all the time, at least for command-line builds.
2006-12-10 Zack Rusin <>
Client classes have been moved to WebKitQt/WebCoreSupport so
adjusting the pri file.
* WebKit.pri:
2006-12-10 George Staikos <>
Reviewed by Zack.
Add WebKitBuild/Release back to the output dir for external build cases.
* WebKit.pri:
2006-12-10 Zack Rusin <>
Fix the link directory location.
* WebKit.pri:
2006-12-10 Lars Knoll <>
Reviewed by Zack
Include DumpRenderTree in the Qt build
2006-12-09 George Staikos <>
Reviewed by Zack.
Correct the path to the libraries for QMake.
* WebKit.pri:
2006-12-09 Lars Knoll <>
Reviewed by Zack
Make it possible to build WebKit with qmake.
* WebKit.pri: Added.
* Added.
2006-11-19 Simon Hausmann <>
Reviewed by Zack.
* CMakeLists.txt: Fix Qt-only build without KDE cmake files
2006-10-30 Timothy Hatcher <>
Reviewed by Brady.
Make the universal build return non-zero when module make fails.
* Makefile:
2006-10-30 Stephanie Lewis <>
Reviewed by Darin Adler.
Change Makefiles to return non-zero when module make fails.
* Makefile:
2006-10-27 Brady Eidson <>
Rubber stamped by Tim Hatcher
Added "make universal" to build universal binaries
* Makefile:
* Makefile.shared:
2006-10-01 Nikolas Zimmermann <>
Reviewed by eseidel.
* CMakeLists.txt: add option to disable colored output when building on the buildbot