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Autobahn WebSockets for Android
Autobahn WebSockets for Android provides a client library implementation
of the WebSockets protocol:
* very good standards conformance [1]
* easy to use API [2]
* designed to work with Android UI applications [3]
* Open-source (Apache 2 license)
[1] The implementation suuports the WebSockets protocol draft version 10-14 and
passes all tests from the Autobahn WebSockets test suite.
[2] The basic API is modeled after the WebSockets JavaScript API for
ease of use and familarity.
[3] The API enables the use of common Android idioms for event handling (using
anonymous inner classes) and integrates with Android UI applications (by
communicating via messages and message loops between the UI thread and back-
ground reader/writer threads).
Autobahn WebSockets for Android also includes an implementation of the
WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP)
which can be used to build applications around Remote Procedure Call and
Publish & Subscribe messaging patterns.
* provides RPC and PubSub messaging
* built on JSON and WebSockets
* simple and open protocol
For more information, please visit:
Commercial support and services is available from Tavendo GmbH.
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