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WAMP PubSub Client

This example implements a simple WAMP PubSub client. The client subscribes to a specific topic and upon receiving events on the subscribed topic, presents the received information.

For information on how to install AutobahnAndroid and get up and running, please check out the Get Started.

WAMP PubSub Server

Obviously, you will need a WAMP server that provides the PubSub topics and message brokering used by the client.

To make this easy, we have included a special mode with AutobahnTestsuite that provides an embedded WAMP server.

Setting up AutobahnTestsuite is easy. Here is a complete usage guide.

For the impatient, here is the quick install:

  1. Install Python
  2. Install setuptools
  3. easy_install autobahntestsuite

You can then start the embedded WAMP server by doing

wstest -d -m wampserver -w ws://localhost:9000

Open a browser on


You can open one or more browser windows/tabs to check out PubSub and also send events to the Android PubSub demo client (by pressing the middle button "Publish Event").

If you want to start hacking on your own WAMP server, have a look at AutobahnPython and the WAMP PubSub tutorial there or check out different WAMP server implementations.


  1. Build and run the app.
  2. Enter the IP and port of your WAMP server.
  3. Press "connect".

The topic will be subscribed automatically and received event information is shown in popups.

For convenience, the app will remember the server IP/port as app settings.

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