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WebSocket & WAMP for Python on Twisted and asyncio
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Autobahn|Python is a subproject of Autobahn and provides open-source implementations of

in Python running on Twisted and asyncio.

You can use Autobahn|Python to create clients and servers in Python speaking just plain WebSocket or WAMP.

WebSocket allows bidirectional real-time messaging on the Web and WAMP adds asynchronous Remote Procedure Calls and Publish & Subscribe on top of WebSocket.

WAMP provides asynchronous Remote Procedure Calls and Publish & Subscribe for applications in one protocol running over WebSocket (and fallback transports for old browsers).

It is ideal for distributed, multi-client and server applications, such as multi-user database-drive business applications, sensor networks (IoT), instant messaging or MMOGs (massively multi-player online games) .

WAMP enables application architectures with application code distributed freely across processes and devices according to functional aspects. Since WAMP implementations exist for multiple languages, WAMP applications can be polyglot. Application components can be implemented in a language and run on a device which best fit the particular use case.

Note that WAMP is a routed protocol, so you need to run something that plays the Broker and Dealer roles from the WAMP Specification. We provide but there are other options as well.

Show me some code

A simple WebSocket echo server:

from autobahn.twisted.websocket import WebSocketServerProtocol
# or: from autobahn.asyncio.websocket import WebSocketServerProtocol

class MyServerProtocol(WebSocketServerProtocol):

   def onConnect(self, request):
      print("Client connecting: {}".format(request.peer))

   def onOpen(self):
      print("WebSocket connection open.")

   def onMessage(self, payload, isBinary):
      if isBinary:
         print("Binary message received: {} bytes".format(len(payload)))
         print("Text message received: {}".format(payload.decode('utf8')))

      ## echo back message verbatim
      self.sendMessage(payload, isBinary)

   def onClose(self, wasClean, code, reason):
      print("WebSocket connection closed: {}".format(reason))

... and a sample WAMP application component:

from autobahn.twisted.wamp import ApplicationSession
# or: from autobahn.asyncio.wamp import ApplicationSession

class MyComponent(ApplicationSession):

   def onConnect(self):

   def onJoin(self, details):

      # 1) subscribe to a topic
      def onevent(msg):
         print("Got event: {}".format(msg))

      yield self.subscribe(onevent, 'com.myapp.hello')

      # 2) publish an event
      self.publish('com.myapp.hello', 'Hello, world!')

      # 3) register a procedure for remoting
      def add2(x, y):
         return x + y

      self.register(add2, 'com.myapp.add2');

      # 4) call a remote procedure
      res = yield'com.myapp.add2', 2, 3)
      print("Got result: {}".format(res))


  • framework for WebSocket / WAMP clients and servers
  • compatible with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4
  • runs on CPython, PyPy and Jython
  • runs under Twisted and asyncio
  • implements WebSocket RFC6455, Draft Hybi-10+, Hixie-76
  • implements WebSocket compression
  • implements WAMP, the Web Application Messaging Protocol
  • high-performance, fully asynchronous implementation
  • best-in-class standards conformance (100% strict passes with Autobahn Testsuite)
  • message-, frame- and streaming-APIs for WebSocket
  • supports TLS (secure WebSocket) and proxies
  • Open-source (MIT license)

More Information

For more information, take a look at the project documentation. This provides:

WAMP Version 1: Looking for WAMP version 1? The last version of AutobahnPython supporting WAMP1 was 0.8.15. WAMP version 1 is fully deprecated now and no further development happens on AutobahnPython.

Get in touch

Get in touch on IRC #autobahn on, follow us on Twitter or join the mailing list.

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