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MapIgniter2 is a geocms that uses Laravel 5, OpenLayers 3, and AngularJS.

A demo can be found here. Login with
password: admin

See Quick Start to start creating maps!

MapIgniter 2 Screenshot


  1. Webserver with PHP >= 7.2
  2. Database server (with PDO driver) - defaults to PostgreSQL server and has currently only been tested on PostgreSQL, but should work with MySQL, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server
  3. PHP extensions: pdo, pdo_pgsql (if you are using PostgreSQL), fileinfo and any other extensions required by Laravel Install


For linux users running under Apache, refer to Install Linux
For windows users running under IIS, refer to Install Windows IIS

Features CheatSeet

See here

Web Mapping Features

  1. Multiple maps and layers allowed
  2. Data sources supported: Bing, OSM, WMS, WFS, GPX, KML, Postgis, GeoJSON, Shapefile, CSV and GeoPackage (features only)
  3. Create and edit own map features
  4. Default map layout (AngularJS app) featuring layer switcher, map navigation, search and print
  5. Vector features styling

CMS Features

  1. Authentication (Inc. LDAP)
  2. Multilanguage
  3. Backoffice (based on Twitter Bootstrap)
    1. Users
    2. Roles
    3. Permissions
    4. Website Brand
    5. Pages
    6. Content
      1. SEO fields
      2. Summernote (WYSIWYG)
      3. Main content picture - Allows to upload a main picture
      4. Event - Allows to associate a time to start/end
      5. Images (Gallery) - Allows to upload and associate several images
      6. Attachments - Allows to upload attachments
      7. Location - Allows to associate a location
      8. Transfer content ownership - Useful with permissions
      9. Create a duplicate - Useful to create similar content


There are 2 types of permissions: application and content

  1. Application - allows to restrict users to application HTTP routes
  2. Content - allows to restrict content editing to users ie. only owner (same user or same role)


Please contribute or just fill in issues...


MapIgniter is a GeoCMS that allows a user to publish geographic information



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