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remove /s from del command

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taviso committed Jul 24, 2019
1 parent 822dd99 commit 62ef008d646c107d849ece6b2762a097b70d0a97
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@@ -73,13 +73,13 @@ ctftool.exe: command.obj ctftool.obj winmsg.obj marshal.obj \
| edit.lib peparse.lib

-cmd.exe /c del /q /f /s *.exp *.exe *.obj *.pdb *.ilk *.xml *.res *.ipdb *.iobj *.dll *.tmp
-cmd.exe /c del /q /f *.exp *.exe *.obj *.pdb *.ilk *.xml *.res *.ipdb *.iobj *.dll *.tmp
-cmd.exe /c rmdir /q /s $(wildcard build-*.*)

# These are slow to rebuild and I dont change them often.
distclean: clean
-cmd.exe /c del /q /f /s edit.lib peparse.lib
-cmd.exe /c del /q /f /s
-cmd.exe /c del /q /f edit.lib peparse.lib
-cmd.exe /c del /q /f ctftool.exe payload32.dll payload64.dll scripts docs
(cd .. && zip -r ctftool/$@ $(patsubst %,ctftool/%,$^))

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