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@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ Currently two basic tools are available for experimentation, a linker and an
assembler. A dissassembler will be available soon, and perhaps eventually a
compiler (in the form of a llvm backend or gcc target).
+A related blog post is available here
@@ -186,6 +188,8 @@ This is a list of what currently is believed to work:
* Basic programs appear to run on the Linux unrar program.
* I havn't tested Windows yet, because I'm still porting the CRC tools to RarVM.
+Needless to say, don't pipe untrusted input into this early alpha build ;-)
@@ -205,30 +209,38 @@ A. Yes, but the answer is complicated.
expect? The ridiculous constraints are what makes it interesting ;-)
Q. Can I supply input to my program?
A. All input must be included in the archive, there is no way to provide
external input at runtime.
Q. Can I write self-modifying Code?
A. I don't think so, you can think of the code as occupying a different x86
segment from your data, so is not addressable. So, in x86 terms, you might
say ds = ss, but cs != ds.
Q. Can I embed data within code?
A. You could, using opaque predicates, but as you cannot read from the code
segment, I don't think it would be useful.
Q. How do I force the use of smaller integer encodings to save space?
A. You send me a patch to do that.
Q. How do I set the "Init Registers" option rar supports?
A. You send me a patch to do that.
Q. How do I add data to the "InitData"?
A. You send me a patch to do that.
Q. Whats the deal with the different branch types?
A. I'll add support when I can.
Q. What does "print" do?
A. I have no idea! Does it do something on Windows? (please test and report)

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