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Simpsons: Hit & Run API

This code is in a pre-pre-pre-alpha experimental state.

This is a library to automate the abandonware game Simpsons: Hit & Run with JavaScript. It uses frida to access internal state, and exposes JavaScript classes that can be used to query and control the game.

The intention is to allow easy scriptable access to state, in a similar way to how pysc2 enabled deepmind to learn how to play Starcraft II. Eventually I'd like to be able to automate finding glitches, crashes, strategies, routes and so on for speedrunning.

This is a solo hobby project, I'm a long way off from that point.

Want to see it in action? Here is an early demo video using the debugging console.


Want to see an example script? Here is a simple script that just finds objects and tries to break them!


    // Move in current direction.

    // Did we find the object?
    if (myPos.distanceTo(object) <= 1) {
        console.log(`object discovered at ${myPos}`);

        // Try to break it lol
        slam(); kick(5);

        return true;

If you let this script run long enough (e.g. overnight), it will literally try to kick every object on the map!

Update: here is another video.

Like this idea and want to help? Let me know!


You need frida intalled, if you already have python it couldn't be easier, something like:

pip install frida-tools

The full frida install documentation is here if you need it.

Note: You must be using python for Windows, not WSL python.


You can use a pre-built version if you just want to write a JavaScript script and dont want to make any changes to sharapi.

This project mostly uses TypeScript, a language that transpiles to JavaScript but adds strong typing. I find this useful for avoiding bugs during development, but the output can be used with JavaScript or TypeScript, whichever you prefer.

You need typescript and rollup to build the script, or you can just use a prebuilt version. tsc is the typescript compiler, rollup takes all of the individual files, figures out the module dependencies and produces a single file to give to frida.

Note: This project uses submodules, remember to type git submodule update --init --recursive

I use WSL, and just type make to build the final output files with GNU make, because I'm more familiar with Makefiles. In future I'll figure out how to use tsconfig.json.


Run the game Simpsons.exe, you can use the launcher if you like, and type this:

python.exe Simpsons.exe

If you don't get any error messages, then frida was started and was injected into the game. To interact with it, open chrome and go to chrome://inspect and click the Open dedicated DevTools for Node link.

You should now have a JavaScript console connected.

Try it out!

Type this:

CoinManager.SpawnInstantCoins(0, 0, 0, 10)

Some coins should fly towards you.

Get into a car, and type this:

var v = (new Character()).GetVehicle()
var p = v.GetPosition()

// p is [x, y, z] co-ordinates of the car.
p.y += 10


Your car should jump 100 ft in the air.


If yout want to run a script, try one of the examples in the examples directory.

python.exe Simpsons.exe examples/breakEverything.js


I'm using the binary with md5 9009afe5ab6c2daf8605d8b613951902.


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