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stompem.el -- Connect and send messages via STOMP (Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol)

This is version 0.8 of 22 Jun 2010

TODO: Transaction support
TODO: Prompt to connect on send-* if no connection exists.
TODO: Automatically add content-length header to messages.
TODO: Add config option for common queues, then merge with dest-hist
TODO: Add filters on output to allow subscriptions to different
      queues to put messages in different buffers.  see 37.9.2 "Process Filter Functions" in elisp manual.

Recommended autoload statements (add the following to your .emacs file.)
(autoload 'stompem-connect "stompem" "Connect to a Stomp server in order to send/receive messages." t)

You can override stompem-host, stompem-port, stompem-user, and stompem-pass in your .emacs file
Additionally, you can define stompem-destination-history to provide a starting list of queues.