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(ns birdseye.core
(:refer-clojure :exclude [sym])
(:require [clojure.string :as string])
(:import [clojure.lang IFn ILookup])
(:require [clojure.core.match :as match])
(:require [clout.core :as clout]))
;; sitemap node-key related funcs and constants
(defonce node-key-segment-separator \.)
(defonce node-key-segment-re #"\.")
(defonce node-key-dyn-segment-prefix \$)
(defonce node-key-dyn-re #"\$")
(defn- relative-node-key? [k]
(= node-key-segment-separator (first (name k))))
(defn- dynamic-node-key? [k]
(boolean (re-find node-key-dyn-re (name k))))
(defn- dynamic-node-key-seg? [key-segment]
(= (first key-segment) node-key-dyn-segment-prefix))
(defn- split-node-key [k]
(string/split (name k) node-key-segment-re))
(defn- join-node-key-segments [segments]
(keyword (string/join node-key-segment-separator segments)))
(defn- decompose-dyn-segment [key-segment]
(let [prefix (first key-segment)
id (apply str (rest key-segment))]
[prefix id]))
(defn- dyn-segment-id [key-segment]
(if (dynamic-node-key-seg? key-segment)
(keyword (second (decompose-dyn-segment key-segment)))))
;; sitemap definition related code
(defn sitemap? [o]
(boolean (and (map? o) (::sitemap (meta o)))))
(defn relative-sitemap? [sm]
(every? relative-node-key? (keys sm)))
(defn absolute-sitemap? [sm]
(not-any? relative-node-key? (keys sm)))
(defn- node-children? [o]
(or (vector? o) (sitemap? o)))
(defn- match-sitemap-forms [forms]
(let [nil-value? (fn [v]
(or (nil? v)
(#{:nil 'nil} v)))]
(match/match [forms]
[([(k :when nil-value?) & r] :seq)]
{:error :nil :message "nil is not a valid node-key"}
[([(k :when false?) & r] :seq)]
{:error :false :message "false is not a valid node-key"}
[([(k :when keyword?) (next-k :when keyword?) & r] :seq)]
{:node-key k}
[([(k :when keyword?) (children :when node-children?) & r] :seq)]
{:node-key k :children children}
[([(k :when keyword?)
(context-map :when map?)
(children :when node-children?) & r] :seq)]
{:node-key k :context-map context-map :children children}
[([(k :when keyword?) (context-map :when map?) & r] :seq)]
{:node-key k :context-map context-map}
[([(k :when keyword?) & r] :seq)]
{:node-key k}
{:error (first forms)})))
(defn- normalize-map-forms [mapforms & prefix]
(let [prefix (and prefix (name (first prefix)))
normalize-key (fn [k-name]
(if (and prefix
(= \. (first k-name)))
(str prefix k-name)
named? (fn [x] (instance? clojure.lang.Named x))]
(for [form mapforms]
;; match any symbols that should be inserted by value rather
;; by than name
(and (named? form)
(re-find #"=" (name form)))
(symbol (apply str (rest (name form))))
(and (named? form)
(not (re-find #"/" (name form))))
(keyword (normalize-key (name form)))
(vector? form) (apply vector (normalize-map-forms form))
(defn- normalize-node-children [children parent-key]
(assert (node-children? children))
(if (sitemap? children)
(flatten (seq children))
children) parent-key))
(defn- throwf [msg & args]
(throw (Exception. (apply format msg args))))
(defn- assert-parent-node-exists [node-key sitemap]
(let [segments (split-node-key node-key)
n-segs (count segments)
parent-key (if (and (> n-segs 1)
(not (and (= n-segs 2)
(relative-node-key? node-key))))
(take (- n-segs 1) segments)))]
(if (and parent-key
(not (sitemap parent-key)))
"Invalid site-node key '%s'.
Parent node '%s' does not exist. %s"
node-key parent-key (keys sitemap)))))
(defn- validate-sitemap-addition [sitemap index-in-forms node-key context-map]
(if (not (keyword? node-key))
(throwf (str "Was expecting a sitemap node-key"
" in defsitemap position %s") index-in-forms))
(if (= node-key-segment-separator (last (name node-key)))
(throwf "Node keys must not end in a dot: %s" node-key))
(if (sitemap node-key)
(throwf "%s is already in the sitemap." node-key))
(assert-parent-node-exists node-key sitemap)
(if (not (or (map? context-map)
(nil? context-map)))
(throwf "Was expecting a sitemap node context map, i.e. a hash-map
not a %s." (type context-map))))
(defn gen-sitemap [mapforms & sitemap0]
(let [mapforms (normalize-map-forms mapforms)
n (count mapforms)]
(loop [i 0
sitemap (if sitemap0
(first sitemap0) (sorted-map))]
(if (< i n)
(let [rest-forms (drop i mapforms)
match (match-sitemap-forms rest-forms)
{:keys [node-key children context-map error]
:or {context-map {}}} match
j (+ i (count match))]
(if error
"Invalid sitemap entry at position %s: %s" i (:error match)))
(validate-sitemap-addition sitemap i node-key context-map)
(let [sitemap' (assoc sitemap node-key context-map)
sitemap' (if children
(gen-sitemap (normalize-node-children
children node-key)
(recur j sitemap')))
(with-meta sitemap
;; could alternatively make the map a record
;; which would avoid the possibility of this key being lost
{::sitemap true})))))
(defmacro defsitemap [& mapforms]
`(gen-sitemap (vector ~@(normalize-map-forms mapforms))))
;; url generation from node-keys
(defn- gen-static-url [node-key]
(if (not (dynamic-node-key? node-key))
(if(contains? #{:home :root} (keyword node-key))
(str "/" (string/join "/" (split-node-key node-key)) "/"))))
(defn- gen-dynamic-url [node-key params-map]
;; need to check on param url-escaping here
(for [seg (split-node-key node-key)]
(if-let [param-id (dyn-segment-id seg)]
(if (contains? params-map param-id)
(params-map param-id)
(throwf "missing required url parameter: %s" param-id))
(defn- url-generator [node-key params-map]
(or (gen-static-url node-key)
(gen-dynamic-url node-key params-map)))
;; url-matching
(defn- gen-dynamic-url-matcher [node-key regexes]
(let [clout-pattern-segs
(map (fn [seg]
(if (dynamic-node-key-seg? seg)
(string/replace seg node-key-dyn-re ":")
(split-node-key node-key))
clout-pattern (str "/" (string/join "/" clout-pattern-segs) "/")
clout-route (clout/route-compile
clout-pattern regexes)]
(fn [url-path]
(clout/route-matches clout-route {:path-info url-path}))))
(defn- gen-url-matcher [sitemap & regexes]
(let [regexes (if (map? (first regexes))
(first regexes)
(apply hash-map regexes))
{static-keys false,
dynamic-keys true} (group-by dynamic-node-key? (keys sitemap))
static-map (into {} (for [k static-keys] [(gen-static-url k) k]))
dynamic-matchers (map
(fn [k]
k (merge regexes
(get-in sitemap [k :regexes])))
match-static #(if-let [k (static-map %)] [k {}])
match-dyn (fn [url]
;; this could be optimized with static lookup of
;; any leading static segments
(some (fn [[matcher nk]]
(if-let [groups (matcher url)]
[nk groups]))
(fn url-to-node [url]
(or (match-static url)
(match-dyn url)
[nil {}]))))
;; tie it all together
(defprotocol IUrlMapper
(url-to-node [this url-path]) ; -> [node-key params-map]
(node-to-url [this node-key params-map]))
(defprotocol INodeContext
(gen-url [this params])
(get-breadcrumb [this params])
(get-handler [this req])
(get-view [this req resp]))
(defrecord NodeContext [node-key context-map ring-app]
(gen-url [this params]
(node-to-url ring-app node-key params))
(get-breadcrumb [this params]
(if-let [crumb (context-map :breadcrumb)]
(if (fn? crumb)
(crumb params)
(str node-key)))
(get-handler [this req]
;; TODO add support for contextual middleware on sub-sections of the
;; sitemap
(context-map :h)
;; or lookup inherited default handler from parent node context
(:birdseye/default-handler (.sitemap ring-app))
(fn [req]
{:status 200
:headers {"Content/Type" "text/html"}
:body (str "default handler for " (name node-key))})))
(get-view [this req resp]
(or (context-map :v)
(constantly resp))))
(defn set-default-handler [sitemap h]
(assoc sitemap :birdseye/default-handler h))
(defprotocol IRingApp
(get-node-ctx [this node-key])
(-augment-ring-request [this node-ctx key])
(handle-request [this req])
(handle-404 [this req]))
(deftype RingApp [sitemap url-generator url-matcher]
;; IFn support in order to provide: (ring-app req)
(invoke [this req] (handle-request this req))
(applyTo [this args] (clojure.lang.AFn/applyToHelper this args))
(node-to-url [this node-key params-map]
(url-generator node-key params-map))
(url-to-node [this url-path] (url-matcher url-path))
(get-node-ctx [this node-key]
;; cache these
(NodeContext. node-key (sitemap node-key) this))
(-augment-ring-request [this node-ctx req]
(assoc req :birdseye/node-key (.node-key node-ctx)
:birdseye/sitemap sitemap
:birdseye/node-ctx node-ctx))
[this req]
(let [[node-key params] (url-to-node this (or (:path-info req)
(:url req)))]
(if node-key
(let [node-ctx (get-node-ctx this node-key)
req (-augment-ring-request this node-ctx req)
handler (get-handler node-ctx req)
initial-resp (handler req)
view (get-view node-ctx req initial-resp)
final-resp (view req initial-resp)]
(handle-404 this req))))
(handle-404 [this req]
;; TODO implement 404 lookup mechanism that walks up the tree
;; from the closest node match
((or (sitemap :404)
{:status 404
:headers {"Content/Type" "text/html"}
:body "Not Found"})) req)))
(defn gen-ring-app [sitemap]
(RingApp. sitemap url-generator (gen-url-matcher sitemap)))
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