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Added functions to map nodes and update mapped nodes. Also added func…

…tions new-props-evaluator and find-by-props to quickly traverse and find nodes by the value of a certain property.
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Tom Pierce
Tom Pierce committed Jul 10, 2010
1 parent 9baf471 commit 193862fecf4516b7ffeb50c4c0366c3fe6136c55
Showing with 31 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +31 −5 src/neo4j.clj
@@ -111,7 +111,8 @@
(isStopNode [#^TraversalPosition p] (f p))))
(defn property
- "Necessary? Maybe remove it in favor of properties."
+ "DEPRECATED. Prefer properties."
+ {:deprecated "0.3.0"}
([#^PropertyContainer c key]
(.getProperty c (name key)))
([#^PropertyContainer c key val]
@@ -127,6 +128,31 @@
(.setProperty c (name-or-str k) (or v "")))
+(defn map-node
+ "Takes a node and exposes its properties as a map. The node itself
+ will be an entry in the map keyed with :node. If a value is already
+ at :node, it will be replaced by the refernece to the node itself."
+ [#^Node n]
+ (assoc (properties n) :node n))
+(defn node-seq
+ "Takes a sequence of nodes and creates a lazy sequence that converts
+ each node to a map using map-node."
+ [seq]
+ (map map-node seq))
+(defn update-mapped-node
+ "Upates a node in the Neo4j database that has been mapped with
+ map-node. Compares the values of the map to the values stored in the
+ mapped node. Any values that have changed will be updated in the
+ database."
+ [mapped-node]
+ (let [node (:node mapped-node)]
+ (doseq [k (keys (properties node))]
+ (when-not (= (get mapped-node k) (get node k))
+ (.setProperty node (name-or-str k) (or (get mapped-node k) ""))))
+ mapped-node))
(defn node-delete
"Delete the given node."
[#^Node n]
@@ -145,10 +171,10 @@
[#^Node start-node order stop-evaluator return-evaluator
(.getAllNodes (.traverse start-node
- order
- stop-evaluator
- return-evaluator
- (into-array
+ order
+ stop-evaluator
+ return-evaluator
+ (into-array
(mapcat identity (map (fn [[k v]]
[(relationship k) v])

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