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Note - the contrib libs have moved to individual repos under Clojure org - []
= Clojure-contrib =
The user contributions library, clojure.contrib, is a collection of
namespaces each of which implements features that we believe may be
useful to a large part of the Clojure community.
Clojure-contrib is open source under the Eclipse Public License and is
copyrighted by Rich Hickey and the various contributors.
Download releases from
The official source repository for clojure-contrib is
Documentation and APIs are available at
Issues are maintained in the Assembla space at
General discussion occurs in the Clojure Google group at
and developer discussions are in the Clojure Dev Google group at
Compiled JARs of development snapshots are available at
= Building Clojure-contrib =
If you downloaded a release distribution or pre-compiled JAR, you
don't need to do anything.
If you downloaded the sources from Github, you will need Apache Maven
(2.0 or higher) to run the build. See
Run the following command in this directory:
mvn package
This will produce the file target/clojure-contrib-${VERSION}.jar that
you can add to your Java classpath.
Additional build commands are available:
mvn clojure:repl
To start a Clojure REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop)
mvn compile
To compile sources without building a JAR
mvn test
To run unit tests
mvn assembly:assembly
To build ZIP/tar distributions containing source and JARs
To skip the testing phase when building, add "-Dmaven.test.skip=true"
to the mvn command line.
== Compiling with Local clojure.jar ==
If you want to compile/build with a customized clojure.jar file, use
the following command:
mvn package -Dclojure.jar=/path/to/clojure.jar
The /path/to/clojure.jar MUST be an absolute path.
Maven will still download other dependencices,
such as clojure-maven-plugin.
= Clojure-contrib Versions =
Versions of clojure-contrib are matched to versions of Clojure.
If you are using Clojure 1.0, use clojure-contrib 1.0.*
If you are using Clojure 1.1, use clojure-contrib 1.1.*
If you are using Clojure from the "master" branch on Github, use
clojure-contrib from the "master" branch on Github.
If you are using Clojure from the "new" branch on Github, use
clojure-contrib from the "new" branch on Github.
= Clojure-contrib Committers =
The following people are committers to the official clojure-contrib
Tom Faulhaber
Stephen Gilardi
Christophe Grand
Rich Hickey
Konrad Hinsen
Stuart Holloway
Chris Houser
David Miller
Stuart Sierra
Frantisek Sodomka