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(require 'relax)
(defun dss/couch-new-doc (id)
(interactive "sDocument ID: ")
(let ((url-request-method "PUT")
(url-request-data "{}"))
(url-retrieve (relax-url id) 'relax-visit-new-doc)))
(defun dss/couch-new-design-doc (id)
(list (read-from-minibuffer "Document ID: " "_design/" )))
(dss/couch-new-doc id))
;; (defun relax-new-doc (choose-id)
;; "Create a new document. With prefix arg, prompt for a document ID."
;; (interactive "P")
;; (let ((url-request-method (if choose-id "PUT" "POST"))
;; (url-request-data "{}")
;; (id (if choose-id (read-from-minibuffer "Document ID: "))))
;; (url-retrieve (relax-url id) 'relax-visit-new-doc)))
(provide 'dss-couchdb)
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