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(require 'ibuffer)
(defalias 'list-buffers 'ibuffer)
(defun dss/list-buffers-int ()
(display-buffer (list-buffers-noselect nil)))
(require 'ibuffer-vc)
(setq ibuffer-formats
(mark dss-modified vc-status-mini " "
(name 35 35 :left :elide)
;; " " (mode 10 10 :left :elide)
" " filename-and-process)
;; (mark modified read-only " " (name 18 18 :left :elide)
;; " " (size 9 -1 :right)
;; " " (mode 16 16 :left :elide) " " filename-and-process)
(mark " " (name 16 -1) " " filename)))
(define-ibuffer-column dss-modified (:name "M" :inline t)
(if (buffer-modified-p)
(propertize "-" 'face '(:foreground "yellow"))
" "))
;;; ibuffer filter by project
;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(require 'window-numbering)
(window-numbering-mode 1)
;; (setq window-numbering-assign-func
;; (lambda () (when (equal (buffer-name) "*Calculator*") 9)))
;;; turns out this isn't very usable in practice. The default settings are best.
;; (setq split-height-threshold nil) ; 80
;; (setq split-width-threshold 0) ; 160
(require 'uniquify)
(setq uniquify-buffer-name-style 'post-forward-angle-brackets)
(setq uniquify-ignore-buffers-re "^\\*") ; don't muck with special buffers
(when (fboundp 'winner-mode)
(winner-mode 1))
(defun dss/toggle-current-window-dedication ()
(let* ((window (selected-window))
(dedicated (window-dedicated-p window)))
(set-window-dedicated-p window (not dedicated))
(message "Window %sdedicated to %s"
(if dedicated "no longer " "")
(defun dss/toggle-window-split ()
(if (= (count-windows) 2)
(let* ((this-win-buffer (window-buffer))
(next-win-buffer (window-buffer (next-window)))
(this-win-edges (window-edges (selected-window)))
(next-win-edges (window-edges (next-window)))
(this-win-2nd (not (and (<= (car this-win-edges)
(car next-win-edges))
(<= (cadr this-win-edges)
(cadr next-win-edges)))))
(if (= (car this-win-edges)
(car (window-edges (next-window))))
(let ((first-win (selected-window)))
(funcall splitter)
(if this-win-2nd (other-window 1))
(set-window-buffer (selected-window) this-win-buffer)
(set-window-buffer (next-window) next-win-buffer)
(select-window first-win)
(if this-win-2nd (other-window 1))))))
(defun dss/transpose-windows (arg)
"Transpose the buffers shown in two windows."
(interactive "p")
(let ((selector (if (>= arg 0) 'next-window 'previous-window)))
(while (/= arg 0)
(let ((this-win (window-buffer))
(next-win (window-buffer (funcall selector))))
(set-window-buffer (selected-window) next-win)
(set-window-buffer (funcall selector) this-win)
(select-window (funcall selector)))
(setq arg (if (plusp arg) (1- arg) (1+ arg))))))
(defun dss/rotate-windows ()
"Rotate your windows"
((not (> (count-windows) 1))
(message "You can't rotate a single window!"))
(let ((i 1)
(num-windows (count-windows)))
(while (< i num-windows)
(let* ((w1 (elt (window-list) i))
(w2 (elt (window-list) (+ (% i num-windows) 1)))
(b1 (window-buffer w1))
(b2 (window-buffer w2))
(s1 (window-start w1))
(s2 (window-start w2)))
(set-window-buffer w1 b2)
(set-window-buffer w2 b1)
(set-window-start w1 s2)
(set-window-start w2 s1)
(setq i (1+ i))))))))
(defun dss/sync-point-all-windows (&optional buffer pnt)
(let ((buffer (or buffer (current-buffer)))
(pnt (or pnt (point))))
(dolist (f (frame-list))
(dolist (w (window-list f))
(if (eq (window-buffer w) buffer)
(set-window-point w pnt))))))
(defun dss/bury-buffer-other-windows (&optional buffer pnt)
(let ((buffer (or buffer (current-buffer))))
(dolist (f (frame-list))
(dolist (w (window-list f))
(if (eq (window-buffer w) buffer)
(unless (window--delete w t t)
(set-window-dedicated-p w nil)
(switch-to-prev-buffer w 'kill))))))))
(defun dss/blank-other-frame-windows ()
(let ((buffer (get-buffer-create "*blank*")))
(dolist (f (frame-list))
(dolist (w (window-list f))
(unless (window--delete w t t)
(set-window-dedicated-p w nil)
(set-window-buffer w buffer)))))))
(require 'workgroups)
(defun dss/wg-name (&optional frame)
(with-selected-frame (or frame (selected-frame))
(cdr (assoc 'name (wg-current-workgroup t)))))
(defun dss/frame-by-name (name)
(dolist (fr (frame-list))
(if (string= (frame-parameter fr 'name) name)
(return fr))))
(defun dss/window-numbering-get-number (window frame)
(gethash window
(cdr (gethash frame window-numbering-table))))
(defun dss/window-sorted-frames ()
(sort (frame-list) (lambda (a b)
(frame-parameter a 'name)
(frame-parameter b 'name)))))
(defun dss/window-sorted-windows (frame)
(sort (window-list f)
(lambda (a b)
(< (win-num a f) (win-num b f)))))
(defun dss/{} (&rest pairs)
(let ((h (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(loop for (key value) on pairs by #'cdr do (setf (gethash key h) value))
(defun dss/window-list-data ()
(let ((cur-win (selected-window)))
(flet ((win-num (w f) (dss/window-numbering-get-number w f)))
(loop for f in (dss/window-sorted-frames)
(frame-parameter f 'name)
(loop for w in (dss/window-sorted-windows f)
collect (dss/{}
:frame f
:frame-name (frame-parameter f 'name)
:window w
:workgroup (dss/wg-name f)
:win-num (win-num w f)
:win-name (buffer-name (window-buffer w))
:selected (eq w (frame-selected-window f))
:current-window (eq w cur-win)
:point (window-point w))))))))
(defun dss/tmp-test ()
(destructuring-bind (&key a &key b) ({} :a 1 :b 2)
(message "%s-%s" a b)))
(defun dss/-window-list ()
(let (frame-start)
(flet ((red (s) (propertize s 'face '(:foreground "red")))
(yellow (s) (propertize s 'face '(:foreground "yellow")))
(grey (s) (propertize s 'face '(:foreground "#999999")))
(current (s) (propertize
s 'face
'(:background "#222222" :foreground "yellow")))
(wgroup (s) (propertize s 'face '(:foreground "#110000")))
(n-to-s (n) (number-to-string n)))
(loop for (fname wlist) in (dss/window-list-data)
(setq frame-start (point))
(insert (format "%s\n" (red fname)))
(dolist (wdat wlist)
(let ((name (gethash :win-name wdat))
(w-sel (gethash :selected wdat))
(f (gethash :frame wdat))
(win-num (gethash :win-num wdat)))
(insert (format " %s %s %s\n"
(grey (if (> win-num 1)
(n-to-s win-num)
" "))
((gethash :current-window wdat)
(current name))
((string-equal "*blank*" name) (grey "."))
(w-sel (yellow name))
(t (grey name)))
(wgroup (or (gethash :workgroup wdat) ""))
;; (put-text-property frame-start (point) 'dss-window-data wdat)
(put-text-property frame-start (point) 'frame-name fname))))))
(defun dss/window-list-enter ()
(string-to-int (get-text-property (point) 'frame-name)))
(defun dss/window-list ()
(with-output-to-temp-buffer "*window-list*"
(with-current-buffer "*window-list*"
(local-set-key (kbd "RET") 'dss/window-list-enter))))
(pop-to-buffer "*window-list*"))
;;; workgroups
(setq wg-prefix-key (kbd "C-c w"))
(require 'workgroups)
(setq wg-morph-on nil
wg-morph-hsteps 3
wg-morph-terminal-hsteps 2
wg-switch-on-load nil)
(workgroups-mode 1)
(wg-load (concat dss-ephemeral-dir "workgroups"))
;;; get-buffer-window-list
(defun dss/kill-clean-buffer ()
(let ((buf (current-buffer)))
(and buf (not (buffer-modified-p buf))
(kill-buffer buf))))
(defun dss/kill-buffer ()
(let ((buf (current-buffer)))
(kill-buffer buf)))
(provide 'dss-buffer-and-window-handling)