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(require 'evil)
(define-key f7-map [(f7)] nil)
;; (evil-set-toggle-key (kbd "<f7> <f7>"))
(setq evil-default-state 'emacs)
(evil-set-initial-state 'term-mode 'emacs)
(evil-set-initial-state 'org-mode 'emacs)
(evil-set-initial-state 'jabber-chat-mode 'emacs)
(evil-set-initial-state 'jabber-roster-mode 'emacs)
(evil-set-initial-state 'help-mode 'emacs)
(setq evil-normal-state-tag
(propertize "N"
'face '(:foreground "#ff0000")))
(setq evil-insert-state-tag
(propertize "_I_"
'face '(:foreground "green")))
(setq evil-motion-state-tag
(propertize "-M-"
'face '(:foreground "cyan")))
(setq evil-emacs-state-tag
(propertize "*E*"
'face '(:foreground "green")))
(evil-define-command dss/jk-to-normal-mode ()
"Allows to get into 'normal' mode using 'jk'."
:repeat change
(let ((modified (buffer-modified-p)))
(insert "j")
(let ((evt (read-event (format "Insert %c to exit insert state" ?k)
nil 0.5)))
((null evt)
(message ""))
((and (integerp evt) (char-equal evt ?k))
(delete-char -1)
(set-buffer-modified-p modified)
(push 'escape unread-command-events))
((and (integerp evt) (char-equal evt ?l))
(delete-char -1)
(set-buffer-modified-p modified)
(t ; otherwise
(setq unread-command-events (append unread-command-events
(list evt))))))))
;; Remap org-mode meta keys for convenience
(mapcar (lambda (state)
(evil-declare-key state org-mode-map
(kbd "M-l") 'org-metaright
(kbd "M-h") 'org-metaleft
(kbd "M-k") 'org-metaup
(kbd "M-j") 'org-metadown
(kbd "M-L") 'org-shiftmetaright
(kbd "M-H") 'org-shiftmetaleft
(kbd "M-K") 'org-shiftmetaup
(kbd "M-J") 'org-shiftmetadown))
'(normal insert))
; Adding the binding for the j character, then
; the k is handled on the function
(define-key f7-map (kbd "<f6>")
'(lambda ()
(evil-mode 1)))
(define-key f7-map "q"
'(lambda ()
(evil-mode -1)))
(define-key f7-map "n"
'(lambda ()
(if (evil-emacs-state-p)
(provide 'dss-evil)