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(require 'skeleton)
(defvar *dss-skeleton-markers* nil
"Markers for locations saved in skeleton-positions")
(add-hook 'skeleton-end-hook 'dss/skeleton-make-markers)
(defun dss/skeleton-make-markers ()
(while *dss-skeleton-markers*
(set-marker (pop *dss-skeleton-markers*) nil))
(setq *dss-skeleton-markers*
(mapcar 'copy-marker (reverse skeleton-positions))))
(defun dss/skeleton-next-position (&optional reverse)
(interactive "P")
(let ((positions (mapcar 'marker-position *dss-skeleton-markers*))
(comp (if reverse '> '<))
(when positions
(if (catch 'break
(while (setq pos (pop positions))
(when (funcall comp (point) pos)
(throw 'break t))))
(goto-char pos)
(goto-char (marker-position
(if reverse
(car (last *dss-skeleton-markers*))
(car *dss-skeleton-markers*))))))))
(provide 'dss-skeleton)
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