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@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ Eventlet makes asynchronous programming look like synchronous, thus
achieving higher signal-to-noise ratio than traditional twisted programs have.
Eventlet on top of twisted provides:
- * [stable twisted]
- * [usable and readable synchronous style]
+ * stable twisted
+ * usable and readable synchronous style
* existing twisted code can be used without any changes
* existing blocking code can be used after trivial changes applied
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ to call from anywhere:
twistedutil.deferToGreenThread and others based on api.spawn.
2. send(), send_exception(), poll(), ready() methods of coros.event
- and _unbounded_ coros.queue.
+ and coros.Queue.
3. wait(timeout=0) is identical to poll(). Currently only Proc.wait
supports timeout parameter.
@@ -136,13 +136,13 @@ How does eventlet work
Twisted's reactor and eventlet's hub are very similar in what they do.
-Both continuously preform polling on the list of registered descriptors
+Both continuously perform polling on the list of registered descriptors
and each time a specific event is fired, the associated callback function
is called. In addition, both maintain a list of scheduled calls.
Polling is performed by the main loop - a function that both reactor and hub have.
When twisted calls user's callback it's expected to return almost immediately,
-without any blocking I/O calls. Deferreds help there.
+without any blocking I/O calls.
Eventlet runs the main loop in a dedicated greenlet (MAIN_LOOP). It is the same
greenlet as MAIN if you use join_reactor. Otherwise it's a separate greenlet

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