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# lein-git-deps
-FIXME: write description
+A leiningen task that will pull dependencies in via git.
Original code extracted from the excellent ClojureScript One Project:
## Usage
-FIXME: write
+Dependencies should be listed in project.clj under the ":git-dependencies" key
+Dependencies can be provided as:
+ * url
+ * url & any param applicable for 'git checkout', like a commit id or a branch name.
+ * url, commit, and a map of options
+To get the system to play nice with leiningen, you will need to add the code to to the classpath:
+ :git-dependencies [[""]]
+ :extra-classpath-dirs [".lein-git-deps/monger/src/"]
+You will also need to manually add the checked-out project's dependencies as your own (the plugin simply checks out the code, it doesn't recursively resolve dependencies).
## License
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