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(ns leiningen.oneoff
"Run a one-off script or start a one-off repl/swank server."
(:use [robert.hooke :only [add-hook]]
[leiningen.core :only [abort]])
(:require (clojure.main)
(leiningen compile classpath repl deps))
;; Leiningen 1.4 uses lancet, while newer versions use lancet.core.
(try (require '[lancet.core :as lancet])
(catch e (require 'lancet)))
;; Try to load leiningen.swank. This only succeeds when swank-clojure
;; is in leiningen's classpath.
(try (require 'leiningen.swank)
(catch e))
(def lein-swank-ns (find-ns 'leiningen.swank))
(def swank-form-var
(when lein-swank-ns (ns-resolve lein-swank-ns 'swank-form)))
(def default-deps
`[[org.clojure/clojure ~(clojure-version)]])
(def defdeps-defmacro-form
`(defmacro ~'defdeps [& args#]))
(defn deps-classpath
"Resolves and installs dependencies to the local maven repository.
Returns a sequence of paths referencing jars in the repository."
(let [deps-task (leiningen.deps/make-deps-task project :dependencies)
_ (.execute deps-task)
fileset (.getReference lancet/ant-project
(.getFilesetId deps-task))
dir-scanner (.getDirectoryScanner fileset lancet/ant-project)
base-dir (.getBasedir dir-scanner)]
(for [fpath (.getIncludedFiles dir-scanner)]
(.getCanonicalPath (File. base-dir fpath)))))
(defn get-oneoff-classpath
"Returns a sequence of paths that constitute the full classpath
of a one-off project."
(concat [(:root project)]
(deps-classpath project)
(defn oneoff-deps-hook [deps project]
(when-not (:oneoff project) (deps project)))
(defn oneoff-get-classpath-hook [get-classpath project]
(if (:oneoff project)
(get-oneoff-classpath project)
(get-classpath project)))
(defn oneoff-eval-in-project-hook
[eval-in-project project form & [handler skip-auto-compile init]]
(if (:oneoff project)
(binding [leiningen.compile/*skip-auto-compile* true]
(eval-in-project project form))
(eval-in-project project form handler skip-auto-compile init)))
(defn oneoff-repl-server-hook [repl-server project host port]
(let [server-form (repl-server project host port)]
(if (:oneoff project)
`(do ~defdeps-defmacro-form ~server-form)
(defn oneoff-swank-form-hook [swank-form project port host opts]
(let [server-form (swank-form project port host opts)]
(if (:oneoff project)
`(do ~defdeps-defmacro-form ~server-form)
(add-hook #'leiningen.deps/deps oneoff-deps-hook)
(add-hook #'leiningen.compile/eval-in-project oneoff-eval-in-project-hook)
(add-hook #'leiningen.classpath/get-classpath oneoff-get-classpath-hook)
(add-hook #'leiningen.repl/repl-server oneoff-repl-server-hook)
(when swank-form-var
(add-hook swank-form-var oneoff-swank-form-hook))
(defn parse-defdeps
"Parse the defdeps form from the script, removing any leading #_
reader macro if needed."
(let [form (read-string
(.replaceFirst (re-matcher #"^ *#_" (slurp script)) ""))]
(if (= (first form) 'defdeps)
[(nth form 1) (nth form 2 {})]
[default-deps {}])))
(defn oneoff-project [script]
(let [dir (System/getProperty "user.dir")
[deps opts] (parse-defdeps script)]
{:oneoff true
:name "A oneoff project"
:version "1.0.0"
:dependencies deps
:root dir
:compile-path (str dir "/classes")
:library-path (str dir "/lib")}
(defn print-usage []
(abort "Usage: lein oneoff <command> <file>
<command> can be one of: --exec, --repl, --classpath, --swank.
Short forms (-e, -r, -cp, -s) may be used instead.
If <command> is omitted, --exec is assumed."))
(defn execute-script [script & args]
(let [project (oneoff-project script)
args (when args (vec args))
form `(do
(binding [*command-line-args* ~args]
(clojure.main/load-script ~script)))]
(leiningen.compile/eval-in-project project form)))
(defn start-repl-server [script]
(leiningen.repl/repl (oneoff-project script)))
(defn start-swank-server [script & args]
(if lein-swank-ns
(if swank-form-var
(let [swank-fn (ns-resolve lein-swank-ns 'swank)]
(apply swank-fn (oneoff-project script) args))
(abort "The oneoff swank task only works with
swank-clojure 1.3.0 or newer."))
(abort "You'll need to install swank-clojure as a user plugin
for this task to work.")))
(defn print-classpath [script]
(leiningen.classpath/classpath (oneoff-project script)))
(defn oneoff
"Handles dependencies and execution of one-off scripts when creating a
proper leiningen project feels like overkill.
Syntax: lein oneoff <command> <file>
<command> can be one of: --exec, --repl, --classpath, --swank.
Short forms (-e, -r, -cp, -s) may be used instead.
If <command> is omitted, --exec is assumed.
See for more information."
([cmd script & args]
(case cmd
("--exec" "-e") (apply execute-script script args)
("--repl" "-r") (start-repl-server script)
("--classpath" "-cp") (print-classpath script)
("--swank" "-s") (apply start-swank-server script args)
(apply oneoff "--exec" cmd script args)))
(oneoff "--exec" script))
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