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-*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Changes with Apache Libcloud 0.3.0
*) New Drivers for:
- Dreamhost
- Eucalyptus
- Enomaly ECP
- IBM Developer Cloud
- SoftLayer
*) Added new deployment and bootstrap API.
*) Improved Voxel driver.
*) Added support for Amazon EC2 Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region.
*) Improved test coverage for all drivers.
*) Add support for multiple security groups in EC2.
*) Fixed bug in Rackspace and RimuHosting when using multiple threads.
*) Improved debugging and logging of HTTP requests.
*) Improved documentation for all classes and methods.
Changes with Apache Libcloud 0.2.0 [Tagged February 2, 2010]
*) First public release.
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