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-*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Changes with Apache Libcloud 0.4.1 [In Development]
*) Update code for compatibility with CPython 2.5
[Jerry Chen]
*) Implement ex_edit_node method for GoGrid driver which allows
changing node attributes like amount of RAM or description.
[Roman Bogorodskiy]
*) Add ex_set_password and ex_set_server_name to Rackspace driver.
[Peter Herndon, Paul Querna]
*) Add Hard and Soft reboot methods to Rackspace driver.
[Peter Herndon]
*) EC2 Driver availability zones, via ex_list_availability_zones;
list_locations rewrite to include availablity zones
[Tomaž Muraus]
*) EC2 Driver Idempotency capability in create_node; LIBCLOUD-69
[David LaBissoniere]
*) SSL Certificate Name Verification:
- module
- LibcloudHTTPSConnection, LibcloudHTTPConnection (alias)
- Emits warning when not verifying, or CA certs not found
*) Append ORD1 to available Rackspace location, but keep in the
same node as DFW1, because it's not readable or writeable from
the API.
[Per suggestion of Grig Gheorghiu]
*) ex_create_ip_group, ex_list_ip_groups, ex_delete_ip_group,
ex_share_ip, ex_unshare_ip, ex_list_ip_addresses additions
to Rackspace driver
[Andrew Klochkov]
*) New driver for CloudSigma
[Tomaž Muraus]
*) New driver for Brightbox Cloud. LIBCLOUD-63
[Tim Fletcher]
*) Deployment capability to ElasticHosts
[Tomaž Muraus]
*) Allow deploy_node to use non-standard SSH username and port
[Tomaž Muraus]
*) Added Rackspace UK (London) support
[Chmouel Boudjnah]
*) GoGrid driver: add support for locations, i.e. listing
of locations and creation of a node in specified
[Roman Bogorodskiy]
*) GoGrid and Rackspace drivers: add ex_save_image() extra
call to convert running node to an image
[Roman Bogorodskiy]
*) GoGrid driver: add support for creating 'sandbox' server
and populate isSandbox flag in node's extra information.
[Roman Bogorodskiy]
*) Add ImportKeyPair and DescribeKeyPair to EC2. LIBCLOUD-62
[Philip Schwartz]
*) Update EC2 driver and test fixtures for new API.
[Philip Schwartz]
Changes with Apache Libcloud 0.4.0 [Released October 6, 2010]
*) Add create keypair functionality to EC2 Drivers. LIBCLOUD-57
[Grig Gheorghiu]
*) Improve handling of GoGrid accounts with limited access
API keys. [Paul Querna]
*) New Driver for ElasticHosts. LIBCLOUD-45
[Tomaz Muraus]
*) Use more consistent name for GoGrid driver and use http
POST method for 'unsafe' operations
[Russell Haering]
*) Implement password handling and add deployment support
for GoGrid nodes.
[Roman Bogorodskiy]
*) Fix behavior of GoGrid's create_node to wait for a Node ID.
[Roman Bogorodskiy]
*) Add ex_create_node_nowait to GoGrid driver if you don't need to
wait for a Node ID when creating a node.
[Roman Bogorodskiy]
*) Removed libcloud.interfaces module.
[Paul Querna]
*) Removed dependency on zope.interfaces.
[Paul Querna]
*) RimuHosting moved API endpoint address.
[Paul Querna]
*) Fix regression and error in GoGrid driver for parsing node objects.
[Roman Bogorodskiy]
*) Added more test cases for GoGrid driver. LIBCLOUD-34
[Roman Bogorodskiy, Jerry Chen]
*) Fix parsing of Slicehost nodes with multiple Public IP addresses.
[Paul Querna]
*) Add exit_status to ScriptDeployment. LIBCLOUD-36
[Paul Querna]
*) Update prices for several drivers.
[Brad Morgan, Paul Querna]
*) Update Linode driver to reflect new plan sizes.
[Jed Smith]
*) Change default of 'location' in Linode create_node. LIBCLOUD-41
[Jed Smith, Steve Steiner]
*) Document the Linode driver.
[Jed Smith]
*) Request a private, LAN IP address at Linode creation.
[Jed Smith]
Changes with Apache Libcloud 0.3.1 [Released May 11, 2010]
*) Updates to Apache License blocks to correctly reflect status as an
Apache Project.
*) Fix NOTICE file to use 2010 copyright date.
*) Improve error messages for when running the test cases without
first setting up a
Changes with Apache Libcloud 0.3.0 [Tagged May 6, 2010, not released]
*) New Drivers for:
- Dreamhost
- Eucalyptus
- Enomaly ECP
- IBM Developer Cloud
- OpenNebula
- SoftLayer
*) Added new deployment and bootstrap API.
*) Improved Voxel driver.
*) Added support for Amazon EC2 Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region.
*) Improved test coverage for all drivers.
*) Add support for multiple security groups in EC2.
*) Fixed bug in Rackspace and RimuHosting when using multiple threads.
*) Improved debugging and logging of HTTP requests.
*) Improved documentation for all classes and methods.
Changes with Apache Libcloud 0.2.0 [Tagged February 2, 2010]
*) First public release.
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