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Application for monitoring LVM volumes and moving blocks based on usage to
higher or lower tier storage.
-ATM quite rudimentary, more of a helper script.
to compile:
lvmtsd is used like this:
-btrace -t -a complete /dev/vol-grp00/log-vol00 | ./lvmtsd
+./lvmtsd /dev/vol-grp00/log-vol00
It will dump collected data (including 200 most active, most written and most
read blocks in format ready to use with pvmove) when the pipe is broken (killall
+blktrace) and every 5 minutes.
there is one optional parameter, the number of extents written in status
-./lvmtsd <number-of-extents>
+./lvmtsd <lv-dev-path> [<number-of-extents>]
for example:
-./lvmtsd 400
+./lvmtsd /dev/VolGrp00/LogVol01 400

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