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Close dired buffers on project unload

Thanks to for the bug
report and and a fix.
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commit 93e6ac9a200523f51fee4bafdb6cf359c15785a2 1 parent ae276da
@mattkeller mattkeller authored
Showing with 13 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +13 −4 mk-project.el
17 mk-project.el
@@ -335,9 +335,17 @@ paths when greping or indexing the project.")
(message "Closed %d buffers, %d modified buffers where left open"
(length closed) (length dirty))))
+(defun mk-proj-buffer-name (buf)
+ "Return buffer's name based on filename or dired's location"
+ (let ((file-name (or (buffer-file-name buf)
+ (with-current-buffer buf list-buffers-directory))))
+ (if file-name
+ (expand-file-name file-name)
+ nil)))
(defun mk-proj-buffer-p (buf)
"Is the given buffer in our project based on filename? Also detects dired buffers open to basedir/*"
- (let ((file-name (buffer-file-name buf)))
+ (let ((file-name (mk-proj-buffer-name buf)))
(if (and file-name
(string-match (concat "^" (regexp-quote mk-proj-basedir)) file-name))
@@ -367,9 +375,10 @@ paths when greping or indexing the project.")
"Write the list of `files' to a file"
(when mk-proj-open-files-cache
- (dolist (f (mapcar (lambda (b) (buffer-file-name b)) (mk-proj-buffers)))
- (unless (string-equal mk-proj-tags-file f)
- (insert f "\n")))
+ (dolist (f (mapcar (lambda (b) (mk-proj-buffer-name b)) (mk-proj-buffers)))
+ (when f
+ (unless (string-equal mk-proj-tags-file f)
+ (insert f "\n"))))
(if (file-writable-p mk-proj-open-files-cache)
(write-region (point-min)
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