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fix format error: %S fails if mu4e-mu-binary is still nil

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commit 1ff724069d5582de86518ae3f192fb822a04288a 1 parent b31b066
@tavisrudd authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  emacs/mu4e-proc.el
2  emacs/mu4e-proc.el
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ process."
"Start the mu server process."
;; TODO: add version check
(unless (file-executable-p mu4e-mu-binary)
- (error (format "%S not found" mu4e-mu-binary)))
+ (error (format "mu binary '%s' not found" mu4e-mu-binary)))
(let* ((process-connection-type nil) ;; use a pipe
(args '("server"))
(args (append args (when mu4e-mu-home

4 comments on commit 1ff7240


Hmm, '%S' makes the error message a bit cryptic ("nil not found"), but '%s' won't work if mu4e-mu-binary is nil.
Anyway, good point, I'll fix it in some different way.


Actually it looks like (format "%S" nil) and (format "%s" nil) do exactly the same thing, so I misinterpreted some other error with %S I encountered. I sent you the push a few hours after the fact and I can't remember what it was now other than something in the error handling was a bit off. I'll see if I can trigger it again.


Found it. Another patch coming in a sec.


Yeah, you are right about (format "%s" nil); I usually use "%S" in errors though because it prints something reasonable whatever the data type of the parameter, but apparently plain-old "%s" handles nil as well.

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