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Signed-off-by: Chris Granger <>
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1 parent 14d1a9e commit 262857027322eb0c7029220c26390e6ec7444218 @ibdknox ibdknox committed Oct 3, 2011
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@@ -46,12 +46,14 @@
:mode - either :dev or :prod
:ns - the root namepace of your project
+ :jetty-options - any extra options you want to send to jetty like :ssl?
:resource-root - an alternative name for the public folder
:session-store - an alternate store for session handling
:cookie-attrs - custom session cookie attributes"
[port & [opts]]
(println "Starting server...")
- (let [server (jetty/run-jetty (gen-handler opts) {:port port :join? false})]
+ (let [jetty-opts (merge {:port port :join? false} (:jetty-options opts))
+ server (jetty/run-jetty (gen-handler opts) jetty-opts)]
(println (str "Server started on port [" port "]."))
(println (str "You can view the site at http://localhost:" port))

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