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(ns benchmarks.clojure
(:require redis))
(defstruct benchmark-options
(defstruct client
(defstruct result
(defmacro defbenchmark [name & body]
(let [benchmark-name (symbol (str name "-benchmark"))]
`(def ~(with-meta benchmark-name {:benchmark true})
(fn ~benchmark-name
[client# options# result#]
{:host (options# :host)
:port (options# :port)
:db (options# :db)}
(let [requests# (:requests options#)
requests-done# (:requests result#)]
(loop [requests-performed# 0 request-times# []]
(if (>= @requests-done# requests#)
(assoc client#
:request-times request-times#
:requests-performed requests-performed#)
(let [start# (System/nanoTime)]
(let [end# (System/nanoTime)
elapsed# (/ (float (- end# start#)) 1000000.0)]
(commute requests-done# inc))
(recur (inc requests-performed#)
(conj request-times# elapsed#)))))))))))))
(defbenchmark ping
(defbenchmark get
(redis/get (str "key-" (rand-int 1000))))
(defbenchmark set
(redis/set (str "key-" (rand-int 1000)) "abc"))
(defbenchmark exists-set-and-get
(let [key (str "key-" (rand-int 100))]
(redis/exists key)
(redis/set key "blahongaa!")
(redis/get key)))
(def *default-options* (struct-map benchmark-options
:host ""
:port 6379
:db 15
:clients 2
:requests 10000))
(defn create-clients [options]
(for [id (range (:clients options))]
(agent (struct client id))))
(defn create-result [options clients]
(let [result (struct result options clients 0 (ref 0))]
(defn requests-by-ms [clients]
(let [all-times (apply concat (map #(:request-times (deref %)) clients))
all-times-in-ms (map #(int (/ % 1)) all-times)]
(fn [m time]
(if (m time)
(assoc m time (inc (m time)))
(assoc m time 1)))
{} all-times-in-ms))))
(defn report-request-times [clients requests]
(let [requests-dist (map #(let [perc (* 100 (/ (last %) requests))]
(conj % perc)) (requests-by-ms clients))]
(loop [items requests-dist
seen 0]
(if-not (empty? items)
(let [item (first items)
seen (+ seen (last item))]
(println (format "%.2f%% < %d ms" (float seen) (inc (first item))))
(recur (rest items) seen)))))))
(defn report-client-rps [client]
(let [{:keys [id requests-performed request-times]} @client]
(when (< 0 requests-performed)
(let [total-time (apply + request-times)
requests-per-second (/ (float requests-performed)
(println total-time)
(println (format "Client %d: %f rps" id (float requests-per-second)))))))
(defn report-result [result]
(let [{:keys [clients options]} result
name (:name result)
time (:total-time result)
time-in-seconds (/ time 1000)
requests (deref (:requests result))
requests-per-second (/ requests time-in-seconds)
(println (format "====== %s =====\n" name))
(println (format " %d requests completed in %f seconds\n" requests time-in-seconds))
(println (format " %d parallel clients\n" (:clients options)))
(report-request-times clients requests)
;(dorun (map report-client-rps clients))
(println (format "%f requests per second\n\n" requests-per-second))
(defn run-benchmark [fn options]
(let [clients (create-clients options)
result (create-result options clients)
start (System/nanoTime)]
(map #(send-off % fn options result) clients))
(apply await clients)
(let [elapsed (/ (double (- (System/nanoTime) start)) 1000000.0)]
(map #(when (agent-errors %)
(pr (agent-errors %))) clients))
(assoc result
:name (str fn)
:options options
:clients clients
:total-time elapsed))))
(defn find-all-benchmarks [ns]
(filter #(:benchmark (meta %))
(vals (ns-map ns))))
(defn run-and-report [fn options]
(let [result (run-benchmark fn options)]
(report-result result)))
(defn run-all-benchmarks [ns]
(let [benchmarks (find-all-benchmarks ns)]
(map #(run-and-report % *default-options*) benchmarks))))
;(report-result (run-benchmark ping-benchmark *default-options*))
;(run-benchmark get-benchmark *default-options*)
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