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Update docs to mention using as a user-level plugin.

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## Usage
-The one quirk is that you must either install it as a user-level
-plugin or set `:disable-deps-clean true` in project.clj, since
-fetching deps makes Leiningen delete this jar out of the `lib/dev`
-directory, which confuses Plexus. This will be fixed in Leiningen 2.0.
+If you're using this from Leiningen 1.6.2 or older, there are some
+bootstrapping issues that prevent this from being usable in
+`:dev-dependencies`. For the time being it must be installed as a
+user-level plugin:
-In project.clj:
+ $ lein plugin install s3-wagon-private 1.0.0
+Add the repositories listing to `project.clj`:
-:disable-implicit-clean true
-:dev-dependencies [[s3-wagon-private "1.0.0"]]
:repositories {"releases" "s3p://mybucket/releases/"
"snapshots" "s3p://mybucket/snapshots/"}

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