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+Added progress feedback for synchronous copy, clone, rename and comp…

…arison operations (in sunrise-commander.el)

+Added progress feedback for asynchronous copy, clone and rename operations (in sunrise-x-loop.el)
+Bugfix in sunrise-x-loop, now the Loop extension works OK in emacs 22
+Faster and more reliable "compare panes by contents" function (added md5 digest memoization to sr-md5 function)
+Updated comments in sunrise-commander.el and sunrise-x-tabs.el

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1 parent 8196631 commit 176843928da767fc28270d7fe75eec68d742e1ba @escherdragon escherdragon committed Apr 6, 2010
Showing with 186 additions and 97 deletions.
  1. +143 −70 sunrise-commander.el
  2. +33 −19 sunrise-x-loop.el
  3. +8 −5 sunrise-x-mirror.el
  4. +2 −3 sunrise-x-tabs.el
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