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=Fixed bug in macro sr-tree-adapt-dired-command: dired-get-filename i…

…s no longer adviced.
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1 parent 6e15a50 commit aa31ff55fc5576ee9835eb85c4e2cab9340fc9a5 @escherdragon escherdragon committed Nov 20, 2011
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@@ -834,16 +834,14 @@ nil."
Necessary so the basic Dired file manipulation commands can work
in Sunrise Tree View mode."
`(let ((ad-redefinition-action 'accept))
- (ad-deactivate 'dired-get-filename)
((dired-get-filename (&optional localp no-error)
(cdr sr-tree-cursor))
(dired-show-file-type (file &optional deref-symlinks)
"%s: directory"
(directory-file-name (car sr-tree-cursor)))))
- ,form)
- (ad-activate 'dired-get-filename)))
+ ,form)))
(defun sr-tree-do-copy ()
"Recursively copy all selected files and directories between panes.

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