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added a quote from cmlenz's reply to Cliff Well's 2007 blog post to

the docstring post-script
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@@ -232,6 +232,20 @@ def serialize(tree, wsgi_env):
p.s. I discovered after writing this that Cliff Wells wrote a similar
rant back in 2007:
+p.p.s Christopher Lenz wrote a good reply to Cliff's post:
+ In the end, the reason why I personally wouldn't use something like
+ Stan or Breve is because I actually want to work directly with the
+ HTML, CSS, and Javascript in my application. I want my text editor
+ of choice to be able to assist me with all the tools it provides
+ for working with markup, including support for embedded CSS and
+ Javascript. I want to be able to quickly preview a template by
+ opening it directly in the browser, without having to run it
+ through the template engine first. When I'm working on a template,
+ I want to be using HTML, not Python.
+ --
from __future__ import with_statement
import types

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